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After more than 50 years in the public eye, entertainer Sir Howard Morrison takes a long look back at an extraordinary life. Three-part series SIR HOWARD MORRISON – HE KOTUKU RERENGA TAHI screens on Maori Television from Sunday December 7 at 8.00 PM.

Starting with his early years, to those first performances with Howard Morrison Quartet, through his contributions as a public figure and right up to the present, executive producer Eruera Morgan says this series captures the essence of a man as he’s never been seen before.

“After more than 50 years in the public eye, Sir Howard Morrison takes us ‘back stage’, away from the public profile and performances. He shares his experiences, observations and anecdotes of what those years were really like. This is the man, but not as you think you know him,” he says.

Maori Television presenters Wena Harawira and Julian Wilcox host the conversations with Sir Howard, which are the backbone of each programme. The star’s recollections range from fun and spontaneous to disarmingly honest.

Along the way, viewers are brought on a journey through a changing New Zealand society, from our taste in music to our attitudes and ways of socialising.

Key people interviewed from the performer’s personal life include his children, surviving sisters and nephew Temuera Morrison. There is also a rare interview with his wife, Lady Kuia.

Surviving members of the Quartet, as well as Ray Columbus, John Rowles and Frankie Stevens also have their say. So does Dame Malvina Major, who recently performed with Morrison at the Graham Latimer Symposium in Wellington where the pair reportedly brought the house down, and received an emotional standing ovation.

“Viewers should expect to see some revealing and honest answers from his peers, like Wi Wharekura and Jerry Merito,” says Morgan.

A real highlight is the rare footage from early shows with the Quartet.

Ever the entertainer, Sir Howard still accepts selected engagements – the show goes on – but loathe though he is to admit it, he agrees some people may see this series as a final bow.

“I’ve been thinking about this for about four years,” says Sir Howard. “It had to be done.”

SIR HOWARD MORRISON – HE KOTUKU RERENGA TAHI – You only see the heron once – premieres on Maori Television from Sunday December 7 at 8.00 PM.

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