Sunday 30th November

Sunday 30th November

Hugh’s Bristol experiment to turn an acre of derelict city land into a small-holding continues with Claire entering one of the saddleback pigs into a livestock fair and learns to groom and show “Blossom” in a ring. Obliged to name her pig for the show, will she become more attached than is recommended when raising animals to eat? The Bristol families prepare themselves for their first livestock slaughter since starting the small-holding and Hugh and his stockman Richard are there to guide them through the abattoir process.

Local Axminster hairdresser Mandy confides to Hugh that she can not stand fish and can only remember ever eating cod battered from the chippy. Hugh and fisherman Matt take Mandy and her salon girls out to sea to show them the joys of catching and cooking cuttlefish.

With Spring poised to turn into Summer, Hugh decides to hold a fair at River Cottage to mark the change of season. It wouldn’t be a proper spring party without elderflower champagne and the River Cottage team gather to pick the ingredients.

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