The Hunt for the TExas Seven

Monday 24 November

This is the story of the most notorious prison break in US history. The Hunt for the Texas 7 is a chilling and dramatic film following the escape and subsequent capture of America’s most wanted. “You haven’t heard the last of us…” were the chilling words on a note left behind by seven armed and dangerous inmates who escaped from a maximum-security prison in Texas on December 2000. Their escape gripped the American public for six weeks, and led to the biggest manhunt in Texan history. The dramatic exploits of the seven desperados attracted the world’s media attention and threw a spotlight on the penal system of Governor Bush’s Texas. The criminals became an infamous gang, led by an ex-armed robber, George Rivas. In the weeks following their escape, they defied convention by banding together to commit armed robberies, and to stockpile an arsenal of lethal weapons. On Christmas Eve 2000, the gang signed their own death warrants during a raid on a Dallas sporting goods store. Confronted by a police officer – the men let lose a hail of bullets – murdering the officer. The escapees were public enemy number one – no resources were spared, and once caught the Texan authorities vowed the men would go to the death chamber. For six frantic weeks, a massive manhunt turned up dead ends, until a tip came in from a trailer park in Colorado. A witness had realised that seven ‘religious men’, who had just arrived at the park, and who attended local bible meetings, were actually the notorious Texas 7.

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