Tuesday 2nd December

Tuesday 2nd December

This inspiring new series showcases the love, care and heartbreaking emotion in one of the world’s largest animal hospitals. With more than 100,000 unwanted, homeless and injured animals to care for each year, the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne cares for animals around the clock.

In episode one, fearless family dog Madison the Akita comes face to face with a deadly tiger snake in her own backyard. But Madison comes off the runner-up in the fight between her and the snake, will her family have to consider putting down their faithful friend.

Mum the cat needs a lifesaving emergency caesarean to save her litter but when they appear the newborns are unable to breathe. The Lort Smith nursing team swing into action to try and save these tiny lives.
A routine check up for Johnny the crocodile turns out to be anything but routine. The croc keeps everyone on their toes as vet Sasha Herbert attempts to take blood from the thrashing reptile.

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