Tuesday 2nd December

Kelly is living every pet owner’s nightmare. She has accidentally run over Charlie, the family cat in her own driveway. Guilt ridden, she rushes the critically injured feline from her local vet into emergency care at the Lort Smith hospital. As she prays for the cat’s survival, the vet teams wonder if Charlie has in fact used up every one of her nine lives.

A debilitating disease forces Deacon the 14 year old Maltese Shitsu Bisson into intensive care. Deakin’s medication has lapsed and the dog’s condition is quickly spiralling downwards. As his vital organs begin to fail, hospital vets desperately try to save him.

A zoology student studying penguins discovers more about one particular bird than she could have ever thought possible. The penguin seems to be suffering epileptic fits but it’s up to Wildlife Vet Sasha Herbert to determine what’s really going on.

It’s all in a day’s work for the staff at Lort Smith Animal Hospital.



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