TV3 Decision 08 - Leader's Debate - Analysis

What did everyone think of the leaders debate tonight on TV3? Failure or Success? Post ideas here on anything related to production,the panel, the presenter graphics, music, graphics e.t.c. Personally I thought it was sub-standard overall what did you think?

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  • bobscoffee

    I’ve only seen screenshots of it but colours are ghastly. The walls look like they have been faded.

  • Kelly

    After nine years in office, Clark should have been using past successes to back up her points, not policies for the future.
    Key was good, though he used stalling tactics a few times while he pondered the answer.

    Duncan Garner reporting on the debate on Nightline was totally unprofessional and clearly biased. Political reporters are always going to have their preferences of course but it is not their job to try and sway the audience with biased reporting. No wonder TV3 is steadily losing their audience to TV1.

  • someone

    What a gutless effort TV3! were are the other parties TV3?

    think I was going to look at the snot people, that “have no team effort” with the minor partys. Go and screw you channel on election night TV3, there are other partys apart from national & labor