Wednesday 10th December


Eggleston Hall finishing school re-opens and invites some of Britain’s worst Ladettes to enrol. As the Ladettes arrive, the Eggleston Hall teachers soon realise that they have been set a huge challenge. 

The new girls are stripped of all their ‘Ladette’ clothes and piercings, and from now on at all times must wear the Eggleston Hall Uniform, tweed suits and pearls. 

As the strict regime of lessons begins the Ladettes find that finishing school is going to be a lot harder than they had anticipated. 

The Ladettes introduction to high society comes in an invitation from the Cunliffe-Listers to a shooting weekend at their grand stately home, Burton Agnes Hall. The lure of alcohol and a wide selection of eligible bachelors is too much for some of the girls.

Back at Eggleston Hall, the first of the weekly assessments are a lot harder than the Ladettes had imagined, the teachers do not hold back in their criticism and one Ladette is shown the door.


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