Audience climbs again for ONE News

ONE News has delivered its 13th consecutive month of year on year growth.

November figures show TVNZ’s flagship bulletin has grown in both audience numbers and share compared to the same period last year. It is now heading into its second year of continuous growth.

Average ratings in November were 11, with a 36.4% share, compared with 10 and a 35.3% share in November 2007. This represents 10% growth year on year, and a gain of 1.1 share points.

In the same period 3 News dropped 2% compared with last year, and shed 3 share points.

The ONE news audience was up by a nightly average of 34,700 people aged 5 years and over, bringing the total viewership to an average of 849,200 – almost 40% more than 3 News’ total nightly audience.

Close Up has also seen a surge in viewership in November, registering 11% year on year growth for the month, with an average rating of 8.4 and a share of 24.4%.

This represents almost 40% more viewers than Cambell Live, which had a November rating of 6.1.

*All ratings data sourced from AGB Nielsen Media Research, AP 25-54 unless stated otherwise.

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  • Rachel

    Peow peow!

    Was this done in a hurry in response to TV3’s press release?

    Cambell Live

  • Smithers, Barry

    TV3 has obviously had the better month. Note that TV1’s statistics are based on ratings a year ago, and only seem to suggest that they’ve picked up a few more retirement homes. The bulk of advertisers on the other hand pay big dollars for TV3’s demographics though.

  • Gavin J

    Why doesn’t AGB just release all the figures and we wouldn’t have to bother with all this waffle.