Christmas Special 2008

Jim Mora and Tony Murrell present a Mucking In Christmas Special, joined by the community of Palmerston North, to give a new Christmas garden to New Zealand’s very own Kiwi Santa.

For the past nine years, Reg Shaw has operated a free ‘Santa’s Workshop’ from the dilapidated garage at his home. During the year Reg’s home slowly fills with toys which he repairs, wraps and gives away to the local children along with more toys and lollies bought with his own money. Reg himself dresses up as Santa, and his daughter and her fiancé dress up as elves, and in the days leading up to Christmas, they open up the garage and give presents to children from miles around.

The new garden is full of all things Christmas – lights, presents, music. Experience the true spirit of Christmas in this episode of Mucking In.

Sunday 21 December, 7pm

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