Frankie Howerd – Rather You Than Me

UKTV – New Year’s Eve, Wednesday 31 December, 8.30pm

David Walliams stars as one of his own comedy favourites in this moving, humorous and poignant story of Howerd’s fight with his inner demons.

The actor and comedian says: “I have been a life-long fan of Frankie and his work: I even managed to get an autograph after one of his shows!”

“Playing Howerd is, in many ways, a dream role for me. In fact, Matt Lucas and I first bonded as struggling comedians over a shared love of Frankie Howerd impressions.”

Frankie Howerd is to this day an enduring and celebrated icon of British comedy, and his “thrice nays” and “titter ye not” have been immortalised in the canon of comedy catch-phrases. Behind the scenes, however, Howerd was a man riddled with professional doubts, conflicted by his homosexuality and wracked with depression. He kept his sexuality and relationship with partner Dennis Heymer secret until his death in 1992.

Stars: David Walliams, Dilys Laye and Rafe Spall

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