Friday, December 12th at 1pm

The king and queen of daytime television say goodbye for yet another year when the 2008 series finale of Dr. Phil and Oprah screen on Friday, December 12th at 1pm and 2pm respectively.

Since launching in 1985 Oprah has become the highest rating and longest-running daytime television talk-show of all time. The series has won more then 40 Emmy Awards, until removing itself from Emmy contention in 2000.

It was around this time the talk-show queen introduced, the now equally as recognisable Dr Phil McGraw to our television screens.

Dr Phil was first introduced to audiences on the Oprah show where he gained mass popularity thanks to his no nonsense, “the buck stops here” approach to counselling.

The doctor’s mass popularity lead Dr. Phil, with the help of Oprah’s Harpo Studios, to launch his own daily show, Dr. Phil. And the rest as they say is television history…

So what do the king and queen of day-time television have planed for their 2008 farewell? For his part Dr. Phil as always, has a festive, positive, and possibly life changing Christmas-special lined up.

First, the good doctor has advice for beating the not-too-often spoken about holiday blues. Followed by a very special McGraw Christmas celebration where the Dr. Phil family share some amazing gifts with deserving families, most of whom were affected by the recent Southern California wildfires.

As for Oprah, in her final week the talk-show queen will be sharing some of her favourite things for summer. She also gets joined by America’s Favourite Little People Family – the stars of “Little People, Big World”, and goes home for the holidays with some of the biggest names in country music!

So make sure not to miss the festivities when we say goodbye to the 2008 season of Dr. Phil and Oprah on Friday, December 12th at 1pm and 2pm respectively.

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