Late Night News Show Returns

Nightline, the country’s favourite late-night news show with the perfect mix of informative and entertaining content returns for a whole new year on Monday, January 5th at 10:30pm on 3.

If you’re not home in time for the award-winning 3 News at 6pm, then Nightline provides a more suitable time to sit back, relax and enjoy the latest news and entertainment from around the world.

And according to David Farrier, Nightline’s dedicated Arts and Entertainment Reporter, 2009 should prove to be an ever bigger, more exciting year for the late night news show.

“2008 was a good year for me, and 2009 promises to be even better: I will be seeking more pop-culture madness overseas and keeping an eye out on what’s creating ripples down under,” he says.

Farrier also assures fans will get more of what makes Nightline so unique amongst all other news shows.

“I guarantee I will continue my quest to bring you not the coolest characters, but the people with the most passion for what they do, pimples or no pimples – It’s gonna be Super!,” he says.

Aside from all this zaniness, Farrier will also continue to deliver the latest in the news that isn’t quite “news”, as well as all the other fan favourites thrown in between.

So make sure to catch host Samantha Hayes, along with David Farrier and the rest of the team when the always popular late night news show Nightline returns for 2009 on Monday, January 5th at 10:30pm on 3.

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  • Brendon

    I hear Emma Jolliff (a wellington reporter) is the presenter on Nightline tonight! Good of TV3 to shake it up a bit with a new face. She reminds me of Judy Bailey (face of the nation). Hope she’s a regular face on the box.