Series Premiere

VIBE – Weeknights from 5 January, 8pm

One of Britain’s most successful spiritualist mediums opens up the mysterious world of the paranormal and brings it under the bright lights of the studio talk show, every weeknight on Vibe.

Join Colin Fry as he connects with a studio audience and gives them the unique chance to speak on air to their departed nearest and dearest. Colin is not only a medium, his work also involves healing and counselling those who’ve lost a loved one and need the reassurance that their loved ones are nearby.

Colin describes his paranormal communication as ‘clairsentience’, which is almost like interpreting thoughts: “The information’s there, it’s in my mind and my ability is knowing what I’m getting.” Although the audience members are by no means all believers, even sceptics can’t argue with the evidence. “I know one of the cameramen was sceptical,” says Colin, “when we filmed the pilot, it made him go away and think. Now he’s requested to be on the show.”

Colin’s magical moments of contact turn the tragedy of losing a loved one into the tear-jerking joy of reunion. Life takes all sorts of twists and turns, but 6IXTH SENSE WITH COLIN FRY is the only show that allows people to peek around that last turn to touch the ‘other side’. This makes Colin feel “very responsible, because I feel that I’m not just representing myself, I’m representing all professional mediums in this country”.

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