CARTOON NETWORK – Mondays from 29 December, 5.30pm (until Monday 19 January, 2009)

Speed arrives at the Racing Academy to fulfill his dream of becoming a world famous racer. While settling into his new home, he makes friends with Conor, Lucy and Chim Chim and quickly finds he already has enemies in X and Annalise. 

Speed and his new friends, Conor, Lucy and Chim Chim, reconstruct the Mach 5 after finding it in the school salvage yard. Everyone is excited to see the Mach 5 back in action…except for X and Zile Zazic, who want to see it back in the junkyard.

After finding the plans for the Mach 6 and learning that he is the son of the legendary Speed Racer, Speed and his friends set out to build the ultimate car. But there’s one problem: they don’t have the parts. Their only hope is the school’s annual parts race, but Speed is not eligible. Will X help his brother?

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