Series Premiere

DISNEY CHANNEL – Fridays from 2 January, 5.30pm

A new generation of young hopefuls from Australia will compete with aspiring performers from New Zealand in a bid to win the ultimate rock star experience, in “CAMP ROCK the TASMAN,” a new reality TV series inspired by the hit Disney Channel Original Movie, “Camp Rock.” Shot in rural Camp Adair, Hunua, New Zealand, the music and dance filled reality series will be presented as five half-hour episodes on Disney Channel.

The unscripted reality series “CAMP ROCK the TASMAN” will follow 10 Australian and New Zealand kids as they ‘rock it out’ and ultimately are evaluated for aptitude and creativity by judges Rachel Moor, Executive Producer, Video Hits (Network Ten) and Chris Graham (New Zealand music video director). 

The 16-20 year-old students from Australia’s highly respected performing arts school, Brent Street Kids, will compete against a team of up and coming young talent from New Zealand’s finest performing arts school, EXCEL.  Once in the camp, each team will be joined by an up and coming music video director.  “CAMP ROCK the TASMAN” will delve into the relationships, challenges and achievements of each participant, their family and friends.

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  • broom broom

    hey i just wanted to tell you that i went to the ymca camp adair last year to and i know it was alot of fun

  • broom broom

    hey its me again i just want to know were the people on camp rock the tasman in the good cabins with proper walls or the other cabins with wood planks as walls

  • kaili love

    i love camp rock i even got your move i love it.

  • kaili love

    what do i do it keeps comeing up

  • Julz

    Yeaaaa !!
    New Zealand Won !!! :]

  • Savana


  • Savana

    Yaah NZ ROX!

  • XxbiscuitxX

    Yay!! New Zealand won
    Shottie you guys tha clip was awsome

    Does anywon kno where to find it?

  • i love this video clip all the guys have voices of angels
    and the move are ………… (none explainable)
    gO NEW ZEALND 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 123456789a

    Does anyone know where to find the video for this? It is so COOL! I Love IT