Summer News Team

Who do you think/would you like to see present ONE News over summer?

Possibilities are:

Bernadine Oliver-Kerby
Miriama Kamo
Sonia Voigt
Ali Mau

Peter Williams
Greg Boyed
Rawdon Christie

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About the author

  • Gavin J

    It would be great to have a male-female duo, who we don’t see on the news full time. Such as Sonia Voigt, Ali Mau or Rawdon Christie. But I assume they will go with Greg Boyed/Peter Williams for male presenters?

  • ell

    I think it will be Bernie/Peter weekdays and Miriama/Greg weekends if they go down the double header route. Ali Mau would be cool, but I imagine she’ll be on holidays with Simon and the kids for some of it. lol.

    However if it is solo presented, we’ll see a mix of Greg/Bernadine/Peter and Miriama.

  • tvnewser

    We also have to take into account who will read TVNZ News at 8 over summer. Miriama and Sonia present that on weekends, so perhaps they will present it on weekdays?

  • jwil1

    I’d like to see someone unusual, like Mark Sainsbury or Paul Henry, doing it alongside Miriama or Bernie.