Surviving Christmas

Monday 22 December, 8.30pm on TV2

Ben Affleck and James Gandolfini make an amusing, if unlikely, comedy duo starring alongside Christina Applegate and Catherine O’Hara in TV2’s festive Monday Night Movie Surviving Christmas.

Facing another Christmas alone, Drew Latham (Affleck) decides to go back to his idyllic childhood home to recall the family holidays of his youth. But there is one problem: the people now living at the house are not Drew’s family. Nevertheless, Drew has his mind set on an old-fashioned family Christmas, and the fact that the family in question, the Valcos, are complete strangers, isn’t about to put a crimp in his plans. Offering them a small fortune, Drew bribes his newfound ‘parents’ (Gandolfini and O’Hara) to let him spend Christmas in their home, pretending to be part of the family.

Just when the Valcos begin to question if any amount of money is worth being dragged all over town by the over-zealous Drew on ‘traditional family holiday excursions’, their daughter Alicia (Christina Applegate) comes home for the holidays, with no intention of adopting a new ‘brother’.


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