Top 5 new shows we're looking forward to in 2009

In 2009, we’re most looking forward to watching the following new shows on TV:

  1. Fringe
  2. The Mentalist
  3. Merlin
  4. Go Girls
  5. Leverage

Read on to find out why…


JJ Abrams (Lost) new show is fantastic. It’s fast-paced, mysterious, sci-fi, dark, intriguing characters and is full of action and an overarching mythology. The show will be the biggest thing in its genre since The X-Files, and expect many comparisons. The show will screen on TV2 in the middle of 2009.

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The Mentalist:

The New York Post says this was the only new successful TV show in 2008, becoming the highest rated scripted series in the US. TV Week named star Simon Baker their star of the year. He plays Patrick Jane, who solves crime mysteries with the help of his intuition and his past career as a psychic. The show will screen on TVNZ next year.


The hit BBC show will screen on PRIME in 2009 and proved even more popular than Robin Hood in the UK. A show for all ages, it draws on the popularity of Harry Potter, showing a young Merlin learning to be a wizard.

Go Girls:

The new show from South Pacific Pictures has one of the best Kiwi pilots we’ve seen in a long time and we fell in love instantly with the characters, the premise, the concept, the funny lines… everything. Anna Hutchinson is an absolute star. Coming to TV2 in 2009. Read more of our thoughts on the pilot »


The pilot hooked us in; think Mission Impossible mixed with Ocean’s 11. The Hollywood Reporter said “The action is swift, the patter is clever, the casting is smart and the special effects are nimble, all of which adds up to a flashy hour of fun.”


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  • PurpleTentacle

    Go Girls looks like such a nothing show… What is it supposed to be about? And why is the main character a dude (judging from the trailer)??

  • regan

    Go Girls is AWESOME!  We saw the pilot last year and it is simply superb.

  • pottymouth

    i think the trailer for GO GIRLS looks fantastic! and the story being told through the eyes of a bloke, (Jay Ryan)… makes it all the more interesting.. perhaps the name “go girls doesn’t do it justice.. but i cant wait to get hooked in to the series! when will it be on?