Top 5 shows to end in 2008

In our second post reviewing the world of TV in 2008, we reveal the Top 5 shows which ended this year:

  1. Boston Legal
  2. Jericho
  3. Agenda
  4. Men In Trees
  5. Eli Stone

Boston Legal: 5 seasons, 101 episodes and it’s a sad farewell to Denny Crane.  The LA Times said: “it has tried to address adult topics in full paragraphs in the only way possible given television’s current devotion to immaturity and outrageousness — with characters so odd they defied gravity. (With his tie-flipping, teeth-grinding, jaw-adjusting, arm-waving and sudden piercing stares, Spader’s Alan was so tic-driven he often seemed in danger of bursting through not just the fourth wall, but the entire set.)”.

Jericho: Not even 20 tonnes of nuts sent by fans to CBS and the largest online protest could stop the show from eventually being cancelled.  The fans did get 29 episodes in total and some closure.

Agenda: Being highly respected by journalists, quoted in Parliament and used to generate countless news stories didn’t count enough in the end, it was all about the low ratings early Saturday morning. The show celebrated 100 episodes early last year.

Men in Trees: The sweet sappy light hearted show lasted 36 episodes, with 5 screening for the first time in New Zealand.  The press seemed more interested in Anne Heche’s off-screen relationship sagas, leaving her husband for her co-star and on-screen love interest James Tupper.

Eli Stone: Barely given a chance on TV2, this delightfully warm, quirky and lovable show lasted a mere 26 episodes.  Notable guest appearances came from George Michael and Katie Holmes.

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  • jhjh2000

    a good show of the year is the new 90210 is better than the OC was a bad copy of the old 90210

  • Kerry

    I would add Dirty Sexy Money, The Riches, definitely The Shield, and depending on your taste Pushing Daisies.

  • LOL what a joke TV is!!
    were is throng-radio-entertainment?
    TV is dead.

    I beat the people at the TV stations (& bobscoffee) are so brain dead they go to their cafeteria and ask for diet water.