Would a radio version of Throng (NZ's radio listening community) be succesful?

I just had the random thought while I was browsing through the site. Could keep people up to date about competitions stations are running, people can rant and rave about their favourit talkback host, etc. A good idea?

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  • swiftynz

    Ok just saw in another post some other people have also thought of the idea. Wouldn’t it be great? Perhaps even Throng could create their own radio show/podcast and people can record their rants and raves and send them in. Something to think about…

  • Charter Obligation

    I think it would be a good idea, especially in Auckland where we’ve got so many radio stations.

    Dunno about Throng creating heaps of audio files, but a set-up similar to what we have with TV here, with station and programme guides, comments etc, seems like a winner.

  • GoWriteMale

    Yeah there is one crappie radio station that plays a crapped out song “Ruby take your love to town” it is a used by date song, about Vietnam war, I object to the words “If I could move I would get my gun and put her in to the ground”


    Is this why we are getting some many murders in NZ, because it promotes people to treat other like crap and if you dont like them, then you just kill them off.



  • someone

    With all the shit on TV and the radio no better, you might like to ENTERTAIN (something the TV stations dont know how to do) yourself this holiday