A Small Life

ARTS CHANNEL – Wednesday 14 January, 8.30pm

“A Small Life” explores the power of healing through love and music. It tells the story of a mother dealing with the life and death of her terminally-ill young son. The film is profoundly elegic, emotional, drawing on the luminous landscapes of the Southern Wairarapa, and contrasting them with the characters’ own inner landscapes. The film opens with a lament sung by Ana (Tocker) for her dead son on the misty shore of a lake at dawn. The film becomes the story of the boy’s final day on this earth… his last journey from the isolated house in the middle of the great field, with towering, creaking macrocarpa trees… down to the long dusty road to wait for the Postman… to wait for the letter from his father who has gone away… Director and Screenplay by New Zealander Michael Heath.

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