BSA deals Shortland Street its second ruling

After managing to go 15 years without a BSA ruling, Shortland Street has been handed its second in as many months.

Despite the PGR rating and the warning given prior to the episode where Dr Craig Valentine was beaten and murdered the BSA has ruled it was likely to frighten and disturb child viewers. This is particularly because the violence – which included easily accessible weapons such as baseball bats – was realistic in the sense that it could happen in New Zealand.

The decision was not unanimous and no penalty was imposed on TVNZ.  The BSA hopes the decision will serve as a reminder to the state broadcaster that they need to be more careful when showing violent footage in the future.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority last month ruled against the prime time soap for a gay scene that was deemed to raunchy.

Read the rulling here

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  • shantaram

    Exactly what would happen if they issued an ‘order’?