Failure To Launch

Monday 26 January, 8.30pm

Matthew McConaughy (How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex & The City), and Kathy Bates (Misery), star in TV2’s Monday Night Movie, Failure To Launch.

Tripp’s (Matthew McConaughy) life is just too good. He’s a handsome thirty-something man with great buddies, as well as a string of gorgeous girlfriends. What’s more, he still lives at home in his parents’ basement being waited on hand and foot.

His parents Sue (Kathy Bates) and Al (Terry Bradshaw) have a very different opinion – they can’t wait to get him out of the house so they can start enjoying themselves again. So in desperation they hire professional advisor Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker), who guarantees she can get Tripp to fall in love with her,and get him to move out of their house.

Paula has all the tricks, but will Tripp fall for them? Whatever happens – sparks are bound to fly!

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