Louis Vuitton Pacific Series Televised?

Does anyone know if the LV Pacific Series will be televised?

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  • ell

    They will be doing nightly highlights but no live coverage apparently.

  • regan

    According to TVNZ, plans and schedules are still being finalised for TV One and TVNZ Sports Extra with details likely to be confirmed early next week.

  • bobscoffee

    According to the Postmaster on the TVNZ6 Messageboard:


    “Hi, Sport Extra will be covering the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series LIVE from around 0950-1800 most days from 30/01/09 – 14/02/09. Thanks.”

  • LVPS

    The racing schedule is still being finalised – but the event will be live-streamed (in NZ only) by the tvnz website and available on Sport extra (Freeview). Nightly highlights on TV ONE.

  • Lucas73

    That means no-one will see it. Missed opportunity. TVNZ could have made some serious ad money by playing it on free tv as opposed to not-so-freeview. I have too many boxes as it is and I would need 3 freeview boxes. no way man. it’s too expensive. also i can’t get uhf where i am so no HD. what’s the point. Why the hell would you have HD on UHF and not Satellite so Sky people could see it. They need to sort their s*%t out.

  • bobscoffee

    i don’t know about serious ad money. for the past couple of weeks they’ve been screening the LV series for most of the day, that’s a lot of shows that would have to be pulled. I don’t think people would enjoy missing the regular shows on TV ONE and I’m sure that’s quite a few people. I don’t understand why you need THREE freeview boxes though.