No Major changes for Breakfast

I just saw the ad for tomorrow’s Breakfast, and the studio/presentation hasn’t changed too much from what I saw on the ad. I could be wrong, as the only shot I saw was the one behind Paul & Pippa.

-The blue couch is the same

-The screen behind them is no longer rectangular, and is now square. It is a bit higher & bigger and contains numerous screens connected, like the screens on the One News set does.

-The logo, music and main colour(orange) is still the same, although behind the presenters, there are no lines on the set, just the plain orange colour.

-The white, glass-top circular desk is still the same.

Looking forward to see the new Breakfast news desk..

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  • ell

  • ell
  • jwil1

    Wonder if they’re hiding alot of it until tomorrow 🙂

  • Gavin J

    jwil1 – “Wonder if they’re hiding alot of it until tomorrow” – let’s hope so!!

  • ell

    Honestly, I don’t see TVNZ being in the business of hiding sets during ads for a “big reveal” tomorrow. It’s not their style.

    I think it’s what we see there + a news desk.

  • ell

  • mtsai

    New set – Yawn-worthy! Plus P & P seemed to be mucking around alot this morning, filling in time. Was good to see John Key on there, depsite broken arm, but I ended up switching over to… Sunrise.

    Worse still, I liked it!

  • ell

    Have to agree mtsai…there was a lot of filling in time…playing “Guess the City”? Give me a break…Sunrise was a lot more watchable

  • DanielM

    From what I can tell of the new set from pictures/videos, I quite like it. Although, instead of using the older renders, they could rerender them at the new resolutions (although, One News has this problem where the screens look rediculously pixelated). But I didn’t watch it cause… well.. it’s Wellington Anniversary today and I slept in 😉

  • Gavin J

    The new look Close Up is better.

  • TuiKiwi

    I really like both of them!

  • bandit

    Yes I agree. There was alot of mucking around.

    Cant stand Carley and her stupid giggling. It just gets on my nerves.