Sunday 1 February, 5.30pm on TV6

Sunday 1 February, 5.30pm on TV6

Just the Job is a local series that gives high school students a unique insight into the myriad of career paths on their doorstep.

We all know how difficult it can be deciding exactly what career might suit us best. That’s where Just the Job steps in. The series has been designed as an informative and entertaining tool to help secondary school students gain a first-hand understanding of what happens ‘on the job.’ Each week three students, who are between 14 and 18 years old, try out possible future careers in building, tourism, landscaping, farming, fishing, hairdressing and a number of other fields.

By adding a mentor and some hands-on experience into the mix, they have every chance to find out the pros and cons of the job before deciding whether it’s for them or not.

Clinton Randell, a NZ Idol Top Ten finalist, presents the lively introductions to each segment.

Randell is very excited about the opportunities the series offers young people. “The great aspect of this programme is it demonstrates there is a lot more involved with particular careers than people may ever have thought. Often preconceived ideas are just blown out of the water.”

Careers consultant Sarah McIndoe wraps up each episode with some great advice designed to help high schoolers kick start their own career investigations.

Executive Producer, Dave Mason, believes this is an important series for young people. “This series not only creates awareness about a variety of careers, but shows what is available in one part of the country to young career seekers in another part of the country.

“We hope Just the Job helps students realise they have a raft of opportunities available to them and that they can have exciting, challenging careers if they just know where to look to get started.”


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