Wednesday 4 February, 9.30pm on TV6

Wednesday 4 February, 9.30pm on TV6

The Insider’s Guide To Happiness is a quirky New Zealand drama that explores concepts as diverse as chaos theory, reincarnation, love, death and the after-life.

The Insider’s Guide To Happiness follows the lives of a group of young Kiwis who are doing their best to find happiness.

There’s Julie (Sophia Hawthorne) a 30-something caterer; William (Ben Barrington), a socially inept doctor; Matthew (Fasitua Amosa), a good Samoan boy with a secret; Lindy (Sally Stockwell), a disgraced former telly presenter; Sam (Fraser Brown) aka ‘Mr Karaoke’, Tina (Samantha Jukes) his sweet and devoted girlfriend; Tess (Madeleine Sami) an outspoken hairdresser; and James (Will Hall), a down-to-earth Kiwi bloke who has a strange encounter in a carwash.

At first, the characters appear disconnected from each other, but after a spectacular incident, their stories start to intersect as each character influences the others’ fates.

Madeleine Sami loved playing feisty hairdresser Tess.

“Tess is really great!” says Sami. “She’s fun, she says what she thinks, and she’s out there. She dresses the way she wants, and she doesn’t really back down to anyone. She’s a ‘live in the moment’ kind of chick.”

Sami believes The Insider’s Guide To Happiness is essentially about all the things that come into the character’s lives, and how they deal with that: “It’s based around a [fictitious] book about these little rules by which to live your life. I don’t know whether it’s a Buddhist karma kind of thing but it has this kind of ‘what-goes-around-comes-around’ thread running through it.”

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