America's Hardest Prisons: On Air - Alaska

Thursday 12 March at 8.30pm on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

New Zealand Premiere!

Alaska: the last frontier and a vast wilderness that is home to the Northern Lights, sled dogs, Eskimos and criminals. Yes, Alaska has its share of bad guys, from drunk drivers to sex offenders, robbers to murderers. There are even twelve prisons to house them. But in a state larger than Texas, California and Montana combined, with a road system so sparse and disconnected that the capital city is inaccessible by road, simply getting offenders to jail is a challenge. This is the job of Alaska State Troopers, who transport prisoners by snowmobile, riverboat and, most often, aircraft. But Alaska has an inhospitable, sub-arctic climate that doesn’t always make for ideal flight conditions. Flying an aircraft in severe weather is hazardous enough, but put half a dozen criminals on board with a lone Trooper and a whole host of other dangers come into play: conflict, physical altercations, even the possibility of a hostage situation.

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