And now the real stuff starts...(hopefully)

OK so it was group 1 last night and I have to say there were some HORRIBLE songs and/or singers!  Found myself agreeing much more with the judges, even at this early stage then I ever have before.  I think Kara has been a great addition to the judges and has meant that Paula has had to up her game. (Thank God!)

Here’s my rundown:

1 Jackie – A Little Less Conversation – What was that??  OK I guess she tried to put her own spin on it which is kinda good but the vocal acrobatics were not! Low one minute squeaks the next.  It was like she was saying “Look how clever I am.” Then the way she moved the whole song bugged me.

2 Ricky – Song For You – This was OK.  Like Paula said we hadn’t seen much of him in Hollywood week.  He wasn’t bad.  Just OK  I wouldn’t be upset if he got through but just not sure he will, coz there is a whole heap of other people to go.

3 Alexsis – Never Loved A Man – Not much to say.  This I LOVED!  Dark Horse?  Maybe

4 Brent – Hicksville – Quite liked this.  The guy can sing, but it was a bit safe and not sure its enough to get him through

5 Stevie – You Belong With Me – Oh I so felt sorry for her!  It was BAD.  No other description.  She obviously was nervous (who wouldn’t be) and is only 16 – but  Archie wasn’t much older… Did think Ryan was lovely to her though

6 Anoop – Angel Of Mine – Blah song but sung OK. I guess

7 Cassey – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – This wasn’t! Yuck  Once again she tried to change it up and it just did not work AT ALL. She handled herself well with Ryan.  I think her Mum was a tad OTT though LOL

8 Michael – I don’t Wanna Be – I like this guy and thought this song was good but once again not sure it will get him through.  Given the judges comments though I wouldn’t be surprized to see him back as a wildcard

9 Anne Marie – You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman – I need to preface this by saying I HATE THIS SONG.  That said I also HATED this version! Yuck Yuck Yuck in fact I even turned over to see the score in the cricket!  Next..

10 Stephen – Rock with You – *Sigh* Nope Next…

11 Tatijana – Saving All My Love For You – “I worked really really hard.”  NEWSFLASH Nobody else did?  I CAN”T STAND THIS JUMPED UP LITTLE TART! So she was more subdued but that just seemed more forced to me and Simon was so right “You are an utter Drama Queen”  I like nothing about her and as for her “This is my dream America and its up to you to make it come true.” GRRRRR  Doesn’t have my vote.(Can ya tell?)

12 Danny – Hero – Sublime! It wasn’t overdone. He didn’t hsve to push it aLa Tatiana AnneMarie or Cassey. Just fantastic! and this is the first of his songs!!  I had to smile to myself Simon had to try so hard not to praise him.  I could see him thinking “This is only week 1”  He’s not buying into the hype YET but I think he will. He is just buying time…

My Picks to go through:

Danny Alexsis and probably Anoop (or Ricky LOL)


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  • jhjh2000

    Alexis Grace is best so far

    i think that she could win

    it going be hard to avoid some website over next few months

  • ChchTVaddict

    Just seen the results show and happy with who got through.

    One question though:  Did Michael get more votes then Danny? (Michael got through first) Was just surprized by this

    Beyond happy that Tatiana didn’t get through!  She gets my goat! LOL the way she played with her hair and got all upset again (before the results were even read) I could have understood Stevie being more upset after all she is only 16.  Tatiana needs to GET A GRIP!  If she makes it to a wildcard show I will scream!

    Was also great to see Carly and Michael.  Will have to look for his album on iTunes

  • Rikki

    Think this may be a very good show after all this year! Now we’re actually seeing the talent – or lack of.   But luckily those we’ll never see again!!!

    Love your run-down Chchaddict – including names!!!!  And agree so much with all you say!!  And also agreed with just about all Simon said all though the show too!  Listened to the other 3 – and each time it was Simon who said what I’d been thinking.  But Kara very good and puts things well too.  And yes, seems that Paula is not acting so brainless – like she has to live up to Kara!!!

    My thoughts on the show other than what you’ve said above were that just about all the girls looked similar with long dark hair!!! And only one stood out performance-wise too!

    The first girl – Jackie – I found even more annoying than Tatiana!  And that take some doing!

    Most of the girls not too good and obvious we wouldn’t see them again.  And I actually thought Tatiana sung better than most of them, even though I didn’t want to!

    But one stood out so much and that was Alexis!  Loved what she did, she was amazing!  She really is the dark-horse and can’t wait to see and hear more from her!

    As for the guys, some very forgettable. Did like the country singer guy.

    But most of all – like with the girls – there was one stand-out guy – and that was Danny!  His song not over-done, sung simply with with so much feeling I was really moved, and think I’ve my 2 favourites this year on the first night!!!

    Michael a nice guy, but nothing special I don’t think. and think the the country singer sounded better.  Thing is, likability does make a big difference, and we’ve seen a lot of Michael and people have got to like him.

    And yes, like you I wondered about the voting.  It was like the first guy and girl then the third place getter.  Bur surely Danny had to have far more votes than Michael!!! Or a was it to add to the tension – people wondering if Danny had got through – or did Tatiana beat him!!!


  • Rikki

    Forgot to say  – was really good to see Carley and Michael!  Didn’t hear the intro, then thought I didn’t remember seeing that girl – then that she looked like Carley then realised it was Carley!!! She looked beautiful!  And Micheal looked pretty good too!

    Really good to hear that he does have an album coming out!  Not many seem to!  Look forward to hearing what it’s like.  Wondering what type of album it will be – musically!

    2 of the few I actually liked last year!

  • ChchTVaddict

    Rikki are you sure we weren’t seperated at birth? LOL 😉

    Its definitley Simon they all listen too how can they not?  His praise is like gold but I think Kara could get there too

    You could be right about adding to the tension by putting Danny up against Tatiana.  God help me if she beat him….I would have stopped watching then and there, Ryan or no Ryan!

    It also gets me wondering about how they got into the groups of 12?  One would assume (or hope) randomly but then again the judges could of had a say?  Looking at next week there was more then 3 singers I think I like but they all can’t get through…Depending on which group you got you could have an easier or harder road through.  Still if you are on top of your game like Danny and Alexsis you will shine through no problem….just like last week

  • ChchTVaddict

    Ok so group 2 I’m not gonna run through by each performance only coz there was so much I hated, at least in the first half  but some noticle standouts (for the wrong reasons) were

    #1 ewww flat,

    #2 actually quite like this guy from his intro but he shouldn’t have done Coldplay and it was flat.

    #3 Janine – This Love.  This performance bugged me.  30secs in I took to calling her Pointy Finger Girl!  Hated it!

    #4 Norman/Nick.  Now this I never got.  YES he is a funny guy and I did laugh at him this week,  but despite Paula this is essentially NOT a comedy show, so I fail to completely see why he persevered with the character once he got through to this stage?  I have no doubt he now has publicity so he will make some money somehow and unlike William Hung, Sanjaya and Jason Castro he actually can sing so good luck to him but I don’t think we actually ever saw him sing as himself.  So not for this show in my opinion.

    #5 Allison – Alone.  Despite hating this song this was the first performance of the night that I liked.  Happy she’s through

    #6 Kris – Man In The Mirror – Loved this!  Like teh judges said he changed it up and tried something he wouldn’t normally do – with no guitar.  Happy he’s through

    #7 Blah

    #8 Matt Liked whatever it was OK.  I just found it boring.  I guess we have had the shaven rocker before and I like Daughtry too much

    #9Bette Davis Eyes.  Nice but didn’t stand out

    #10 Kai – What Becomes of The Broken Hearted.  I like this guy and thought he did well but he does need to do some more modern songs.  Would LOVE to see him back as a Wildcard.

    #11 Drops Of Jupiter.  Can’t put my finger on it but didn’t like it

    #12 Adam – Satisfaction WOW the vocal range was amazing,  Happy he’s through

    So much for not going through each one! LOL I think Danny is still my favourite but this year is shaping up….Good to see Brooke back and she didn’t have to re start her song – progress!

  • Rikki

    Chchaddict – there you said it all again for me didn’t you.;) That’s good, I work weekends, so am a bit behind by the time I get here to do a review! Just a few differing opinions this week though!

    Agree that the first few were not good.  Too bad I forgot so many names – and you didn’t put them all this time.;)  And singing 2 of the songs I love – the Coldplay and Maroon 5 ones – and ruining them!!!!!

    I did like Matt, and shame he didn’t get through. Would rather have seen him through than Michael from last week.

    Nick I thought was funny in the past, but too overdone this week, the comedy acting part.  Yes, he can actually sing.  But not right for this.  Thought he should have been on America’s Got Talent.  But I was entertained by him and laughed and like him.

    I really like Kai’s voice.  Shame he didn’t sing something more interesting.  Would be good if he gets a chance as a wild-card!

    Adam I fully expected to go through.  He sings really well, always thought that.  But too overdone and he’s too flashy/pretty for me!  When he was singing ‘Satisfation’ I thought of Mig from Rockstar INXS. And he was a stage show singer too – and also one with a very good voice!

    I liked the red-haired girl once she started singing.  Was surprised!  Thought she was the obvious girl to go through.

    As for the other guy, who went through, can’t remember his name, and thought he’s forgettable and nothing special.

    Yes indeed reckon it’ll be Danny for me this year – Scott next week could be my other favourite – and like Alexis a lot too still.  Still think of Danny singing ‘Hero’ and how moving it was and the words so right for him!

    And yes it was good to see Brook back – remember her as my favourite from last year.

  • Rikki

    Chchaddict – where are you?  Now I’ve got to say what I thought, without knowing who was who!!! So will make it briefer than you usually do so very well!!!!  Difficult because I was out and trying to listen to first half with noisy children running round in front of the TV!  Then our recording of the Wild-card half, didnt’t happen.  Somehow got C4 instead!!!:(

    But do know that the right 3 got through, my picks!  Scott I think my favourite. Do love hearing him sing each time. I really like what he does and how he sounds. Jose (?) another nice guy who sings really well and is trying so hard and taking this seriously! The black girl stood out as definately the best girl of the night by far!!  Each week there’s been one girl that’s stood out from all the rest.

    Do know who the wildcard group were – and who got through though.  And how Tatiana reacted!!!  Been googling!!!!!

    Reckon this is one of the best top groups there’s been!  And certainly better than the last 2 years!!!

    Like the way it’s been done this year, without having semi-finals of all girls and all guys.  Shows this time, how stronger guys would not have been there if it had been equal numbers of girls and guys.

    Was pretty certain the girl with the tattooed arm would go through, Simon always did seem to have a thing about her.

    Looking forward to seeing them all sing again now.  But my favourites are Scott, Danny and Alexis at this stage. 

    Would still love to read your full review Chchaddict!!!!!


  • ChchTVaddict

    You shamed me into it Rikki LOL I had to sit down and catch upwith the latest episodes as I had got behind but thank God for MySky!

    My Oh My…

    Well where to start? Having just watched what felt like a marathon I have to say I’m pretty happy with who got through but have to make the following points (some not so nice but have to be said)

    ARIANNA – The Winner Takes It All WHAT was that???  That would have to be the worst version of that I have EVER heard!  The way she went up at the end of almost every line was absolutely apalling!  The whole Arba(!) Abba debate was amusing though.

    NATE – That boy is confused!  A slow version of a Meatloaf song mixed with a pop py/Disco version WTF?

    On to the winners

    LIL – No real surprize there as you said although I hated the song as I have never liked Mary J Bligh but that is just a personal thing I guess

    SCOTT – I like that this guy got through but for me in no way is he that strong of a singer.  It worries me that he may have got through on the strength of his disability (the pity vote?)  Having said that I look forward  to him on the piano.  At the very least this will send a positive message about disabled people and that’s great! 🙂

    JORGE – This Elton John song was OK.  The stylists *really* need to work with him in my opinion, the outfit was wrong and something really annoys me about his eyebrows!  I hope he stays for a bit – he is soooo happy to be there.

    WILDCARDS – Beyond relieved at who got through!

    Tatianna – By now my thoughts on this person are well on the record!  She is so OTT it is NOT funny.  From her clasped hands when the judges were naming the 8 to be in the wildcard show – to her blubbering Thank You’s – to her utter shock at not making it through.  I have to ask myself WHY she thought singing the same song for the 3rd time would get her through???  Is that all she can sing? I had to laugh at her weak “The song was so perfect I thought why fix something that is not broke.” and Simon’s quick reply of “But it wasn’t perfect – it didn’t get you through.”  I’m sure the only bought her back for drama – SURELY?

    ANOOP on the other hand I loved him doing My Perogitive (for the 2nd time!) He pulled it off.  I actually don’t remember the first time but thought he deserved to go through

    KRIS I loved.

    JASMINE was great

    MEGAN Once again no huge surprize thought she suited KT song and did it well.

    So all and all happy.  Hope this recap was OK Rikki! Roll on the first elimination show – can’t wait to see them all together and work out my favourites!  Danny is still up on my list….

    Rikki – Are you on Facebook?