Comedy Central Coming

After emailing SKY TV several months ago and pointing out all the good reasons why getting Comedy Central on SKY in NZ would be very good for them, my wish has been granted. Starting April 1st (how apt) Comedy Central (C.C.) will be coming to SKY channel 10. If it is played ‘live’ it will be playing the U.S. late night talk shows at late night here in N.Z. because C.C. plays them 8 hours after their first run on there home networks. Yaaaaa hooooooooo! South Park when it’s still topical. Kick Ass!

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I am 6 months behind on my TV watching. 70 videotapes recorded in LP with 6-10 hours on each and now 80 DVD's with 4 hours on each. At least I don't have to watch the ads.
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  • ell

    It won’t be a direct relay of the USA Comedy Central.

  • DaMo

    It will no doubt be a relay of the Australian one.

    The only channel we get a domestic feed of on SKY is Fox News Channel.

  • ell

    I won’t be a relay of the Australian one either DaMo, that is called Comedy Channel. There are staff working on the NZ schedule currently. đŸ™‚

  • steve

    Yup, hate to burst your bubble Lucas but this is a locally-produced version of Comedy Central — produced by the same team behind MTV NZ and Nickelodeon NZ. Yes, it will have all the US staples such as South Park and the Daily Show but don’t expect them to be hot off the satellite. By the way this was announced back on December 4th 2008 and I’m pretty sure it hit the news section then.

  • steve

    Yup here you go —

    Please make sure your news is actually news!

  • Lucas73

    sorry first promo i saw was on the box last friday. I just look at the latest page so if three more news stories come I don’t see it. Has it been advertised anywhere else other than that press release two months ago. I don’t really scour the pages of my skywatch. I wish SKY would update its EPG. There is no Hannity and Colmes anymore… it’s just Hannity. It’s real slack. And the descriptions in the epg of movies really annoys me. Who types them? They are terrible. Stopping mid sentence, badly worded. For gods sake buy a thesarus and find some shorter words so you can fit it all in. You’d think they’d hire people who had passed School Cert. English. It’s messy people.