Dai's Protege Project - C4'S Seach For A Comedic Star

Dai Henwood is one of the most in demand comedians in New Zealand and one of C4’s most well known faces. He exploded onto NZ telly with Insert Video Here – and then ventured out with his own show “Roll the Dai” – the first season set locally, the second set in the Australian Outback!

In 2002 Dai was the youngest person to win the prestigious Billy T Award. His gigs at the Comedy Chamber in 2007 and SKYCITY Theatre in 2008 have both been 100% sell outs. And now with television and radio shows, and many an award under his belt…. Dai is looking for a protégé!

This is an opportunity for an up & coming comedian to break into the big time – as Dai has done, becoming a superstar comedian with television shows, sold out tours, free beer and hot girls*

So, funny guys…and gals…think you’ve got the comedy chops to make it with the big boys? Submit your reel proving you’ve got what it takes at c4tv.co.nz

From the submissions – three finalists will be selected by Dai to perform in front of him & a packed out crowd at a secret venue.  Three aspiring comedians will stand in front of him, but only one can be Dai’s Protégé!! 

Along with the fame & glory that will surely follow – the successful candidate will walk away with a cold hard $1000 cash along with tools of the trade including publicity and a professional photo shoot. They’ll also score an XBOX 360 with LIPS…and a Yamaha CV50 Scooter to jet around to gigs on…..and of course – they’ll win the coveted opening slot for Dai Hanwood’s Comedy Festival tour in May (details still to be revealed!) 

Entries are being accepted at c4tv.co.nz from Thursday 12th February through to Friday 20th March.  Visit c4tv.co.nz for ALL of the juicy details – and to keep an eye on progress during the project!

*DISCLAIMER: C4 cannot guarantee that you will reach the same dizzy heights of superstardom as reached by Dai Henwood, and we cannot guarantee that hot girls (or guys) will flock to you.  Or, if guys & girls do flock to you – that they will be hot. But hey, it’s worth a good shot!

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