Series Premiere

DISNEY CHANNEL – Friday 6 March, 5.30pm

Convinced of the importance of his new role, Charlie must work hard to keep his younger brother Jason, his mum Amanda, his sweet new neighbour Emma Lau, and his other friends from learning of his new secret identity, and still he must somehow balance Aaron Stone’s missions with his school and sports schedules.

Emma is a fellow ‘Hero Rising’ gamer and, although she and Charlie become good friends, he doesn’t realise there is more to Emma than meets the eye. Jason looks up to his brother Charlie in many ways. A crafty young man, he loves to play ‘Hero Rising’ with Charlie, but wishes he was as skilled as his brother at both the game and everything else.

In the live-action adventure series “Aaron Stone”, teenager Charlie Landers has mastered playing ‘Hero Rising’, an online game in which his avatar defends the world from seven evil members of the Omega Defiance. Now Charlie, the world champion of the game, is enlisted by its creator, billionaire recluse T. Abner Hall, to become the real-life version of the legendary crime-fighting avatar, Aaron Stone.

When Hall informs Charlie that the Omega Defiance is real and out to destroy mankind, he encourages the teen that he has what it takes to bring Aaron Stone to life, but it’s up to shy Charlie to figure out how to transfer his onscreen prowess and somehow muster enough off-screen confidence to save the world.

To help Charlie become Aaron Stone, Hall outfits him with high-tech equipment, including a protective suit with a gauntlet that can fire a zip line, X-5 sneakers that enable him to jump high and stick to walls, a Super Sonic Jet (SSJ) that will transport him anywhere in the world, and an indestructible, loyal android named S.T.A.N. (Sentient Tactical Assisting Neo-Human), who will mentor Aaron and accompany him on all missions. S.T.A.N. is not capable of hurting humans but acts as Aaron Stone’s bodyguard and, in Charlie’s real life, disguises himself as a school teacher who rents a room in Charlie’s home.

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