Tuesday, March 3rd

Tuesday, March 3rd at 8pm

The series that reunites people with the past they thought they had lost introduces audiences to Taite Bevan, a Maori master carver who wants to find the daughters he left behind when he fled Australia after a drug-taking binge. Missing Pieces screens on Tuesday, March 3rd at 8pm on 3.

Narrated by 3 News’ Mike McRoberts, Missing Pieces tells the stories of surprise re-unions. Each tale starts with a down the barrel video “plea” from the seeker, explaining who they are looking for and why. Then the viewer is taken on a journey as the Missing Pieces team of investigative journalists traces the lost child, parent, friend or lover.

With taped phone calls and covert filming, the viewer sees and hears the actual reaction of person sought when they are first approached.

“It is eavesdropping on real life,” Series producer David Lomas explains about the ground breaking concept.

However he is quick to point out that not everyone wants to be found and this can often lead to mixed reactions from the person being sought. “Some people are overjoyed they have been found. Others are very suspicious.”

All participants of the series agree to co-operate with Missing Pieces and allow the programme to broadcast their initial responses. But its honest emotions that Lomas and his team want from the person being sought.

“We were always seeking a surprise element,” he says.  “We wanted reactions to be honest.”

As well as honest, the Missing Pieces re-unions are also filmed in a unique style, where at times the seeker and the person being sought are put in situations where they are almost side-by-side but not recognising each other.

And this week is no different. So how will Bevan’s daughters react to finally meeting their long lost father? Find out when emotions run high on Missing Pieces, screening on Tuesday, March 3rd at 8pm on 3.

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