TVNZ releases statement about Peter Montgomery

TVNZ’s coverage of the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series is not being mounted in the same way as it would be for the America’s Cup. There is no live multi-camera coverage of racing from the water.  Rather, daily highlights of racing are being post-produced for broadcast on TV ONE in the evening.

Consequently, TVNZ did not require the full commentary and presenting team as used in Valencia, when extensive live coverage was produced throughout the regatta.  From that experienced team in Valencia TVNZ decided to use Martin Tasker and Peter Lester, who had worked successfully together in commentary at that time.

The role of the on-the-water interviewer, as performed by Peter Montgomery in Valencia, was not required for this year’s delayed coverage. This was discussed with Team New Zealand when our coverage plan was presented to them late last year. As a courtesy, Peter Montgomery was advised of the reasons for the decision at the same time.

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  • Gavin J

    There must have been some issue I’m sure – why else would they take away the world’s top yachting commentator?

  • bandit

    I think it was the right decision. He makes too many mistakes and seems to make things up..

    He a complete booch of the Olympics


  • johannes lindeman

    We hope the coming amerika cup reporting will exclude peter montcomery, During the last cup reporting we commented on his laud high pitched shouting which distracted from the event and we hope not to be exposed to it ever again. Tasker and his team provide sensible knowlegable and informative comment which adds not distracts from the racing.
    Johannes lindeman Taupo