Weekly Highlights - Mon 2 February

What’s on this week?

Monday 2 February
Knight Rider – 7:30PM on C4 – Movie length premiere of the 80 series remake.
CSI – 8:30PM on 3 – New series returns.
Life on Mars – 9:30PM on 3 – US version of the UK series where an NYPD officer wakes up in 1973.
Movie: Elizabethtown – 8:30PM on 2 – Starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst.

Tuesday 3 February
Target – 7:30PM on 3 – Series returns.
The 58th Westpac Halberg Awards – 8:30PM on One.
Man Vs Wild – 8:30PM on Prime.
Boston Legal – 9:30PM on 3 – Series returns.
Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – 8:30PM on 2.

Wednesday 4 February
Prison Break – 9:30PM on 3 – Halfway through the last season.
Lost – 10:35PM on 2 – First half of last season’s finale. Could be a helpful reminder of what happened!
Movie: Talledega Nights – The Ballad of Ricky Bobby – 8:30 on 2 – Starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

Thursday 5 February
Top Chef – 7:30PM on 3 – Return of the cooking show.
Burn Notice – 8:30PM on 3 – Return of former CIA spy Michael Weston.
Californication – 9:30PM on 3 – Return of David Duchovny’s sex-addicted writer.
Mad Men – 9:30PM on Prime.
24 – 9:30PM on C4 – Return of Jack Bauer!

Friday 6 February (Waitangi Day)
IRB World Sevens – 12:30PM on One – Live Sevens from Wellington.
American Idol – 8:30PM on 2 – The third week of auditions.
Movie: The Break Up – 8:30 on 3.
World Music Awards 2008 – 8:30 on C4.

It’s that time of year with new shows and old reliables starting to return to screens. My pick for the week is new 24 on Thursday, Jack is back and better than ever. Well, certainly better than lately anyway! Closely followed by the return of Burn Notice and Californication

What are you looking forward to this week?

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  • Gavin J

    Thanks for posting Kerry – very helpful to keep track of all the stuff!

  • tvnewser

    Have to say that 24 – 9.30 Thursday on C4 is my pick of the week as well!

  • regan

    Anyone seen any billboards for 24 around anywhere?

  • jhjh2000

    i have miss the Knight Rider 2008  opening episodes yesterday or that was Knight Rider 2000 is a 1991 sequel movie to the television series Knight Rider ?????????

  • Kerry

    @Regan – Haven’t seen any billboards, can someone post a photo if they see one?

    @jhjh – It was the movie length pilot episode that preceeded the new series, which will continue next Monday at 7:30 on C4.