What's happening on Shortland Street: March 9 - 13

Monday 9 March

Shanti has second thoughts.
Sophie goes after a bully.
Gerald prepares to become a father.

Tuesday 10 March

Morgan gets mixed messages.
Alice struggles with her new boundaries.
Shanti finds herself in a compromising position.

Wednesday 11 March

Tai wears out his welcome.
Maia faces her demons.
Kieran tries to keep Brooke on the hook.

Thursday 12 March

Kip has to take a long hard look at himself.
Gerald tries to talk sense into Nigel.
Libby gets a second chance at love.

Friday 13 March

Chris worries that he’s gone too far.
TK is the loser when Brooke plays politics.
Tracey considers Kip’s offer.

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