A 12-year-old Australian Boy Attempts to Reunite with his Long-Lost Father

Tuesday, March 10th at 8pm on TV3

This week sees emotions run high when after ten years without contact a 12-year-old Australian boy attempts to reunite with his long-lost father in the latest instalment of Missing Pieces, screening on Tuesday, March 10th at 8pm on 3.

This week Missing Pieces takes viewers inside the world of Shannon O’Byrne, a Dad who disappeared from Perth, Australia some 10 years ago and is now being sought by his son, 12-year-old Aiden Goodhill.

Aiden’s mum had remarried and changed her name, eventually losing contact with Shannon and his family. So with a different name and completely separate lives neither Aiden’s mother nor father knew how to contact each other.

Missing Pieces producer David Lomas says tracking down Shannon proved to be more challenging then any other missing person over the course of the series.

“As an Australian who had moved to New Zealand he had no relatives or old friends in the country which is usually the easiest way to track people,” says Lomas.

But no old friends or relatives was not the only problem; “He was also not on the electoral roll,” adds Lomas.

However despite these odds and with the use of some creative investigating, Lomas and the Missing Pieces team managed to find Shannon. “We tracked him by finding a loan he had taken on a car.”

And like a true Cinderella story Aiden and Shannon were reunited for the first time in over 10 years. “He was ecstatic when we found him; he immediately flew to Sydney to meet Aiden.”

Now happily reunited with his father Aiden has another surprise, could there be more family he never even knew existed? Find out when Missing Pieces screens on Tuesday, March 10th at 8pm on 3.


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  • vinceandlizzie

    To me this is another case of a GOOD dad being cut off from a child whose life he WANTED to be part of. Anyone can see what a great Dad he is…you don’t have three daughters fawn over a Dad the way HIS girls did unless he paid his dues and was there for them AND their current Mum. I think Aiden sensed his Mum was purposely keeping them apart- good on Aiden and good on Dad! It is about time the incessant character assassination of fathers is challenged. There are PLENTY of dads kept from seeing their children by vengeful mothers. There are also PLENTY of mothers that abuse their children. Let’s keep putting the truth in front of the viewing public and put a stop to kids being made the victims of spiteful mums.

  • andrew barker

    hey aiden its me your old friend andrew barker from dalmain im happy for you that u found your dad all of your old friends at dalmain says hi and we all miss you could you give me your phone number and your new msn so we can chat more and become friends again all the best wishes from andrew barker and old friends if u still got my number try call me ok cya best wishes