Diplomatic Immunity debuts tonight

The New Zealand consulate for The Most Royal Kingdom of Feausi becomes the setting for South Pacific Pictures new local comedy Diplomatic Immunity, starring Craig Parker (Shortland Street, Lord of the Rings, Legend of the Seeker) and Dave Fane (Outrageous Fortune, Sione’s Wedding), and debuts after Dancing With the Stars on TV One at 10:00pm.

Leighton Mills (Craig Parker) was posted to the job of diplomat to the tiny island nation after an embarrassing affair with a royal and now has to babysit Jonah (Dave Fane), the Fe’ausian Ambassador to New Zealand and his staff.

The satirical clash of cultures is the latest comedy penned by James Griffin and while some of the storylines may seem outrageous, they’re actually based on real events that have happened somewhere in the Pacific.

Leave your thoughts on the pilot in the comments.

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  • openmedia

    Really really enjoyed it..

    I’d love to know how other PVR users out there managed given it started 11 minutes late thanks to Dancing with the Stars. Luckily we started watching it while it was still recording and so I extended the recording time.

    Not since Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby have I laughed so much at a New Zealand Comedy. Great work Mr Griffin.

  • Mason

    Fantastic show!! Great hit out for NZ comedy. I had my concerns when I saw the trailer but I think on the whole the show has shown that NZ comedy(or is it pacific comedy?) is not dead. Script is funny, cast is funny, names are funny (DJ Lady Killer) all up a very enjoyable first episode. Hope it continues this way. Well done Mr Griffen indeed.

  • openmedia

    Feausi Language Week will be something very special.

  • aaronimpact

    I only got to see the first 15 mins of it (thank you TV1 you bunch of selfish).

    But I thought it was very good and the comedy was quite natural compared to Go Girls.

    And Kirsty is very spunky and funny.

    I will certainly be buying the series if it comes on DVD.

  • Rachel

    I loved it more watching it second time through, can’t wait to see the second episode!

  • openmedia

    Great show, just hope they repeat the first episode soon for people who missed the end thanks to Dancing.

  • Emily

    I couldn’t watch it last night, so have just watched it now on TVNZ ondemand. I enjoyed it.

  • phil

    wretched. dated. stale. timid. Not since WELCOME TO PARADISE have i stared so glumly at the screen.

    it looked like a 48HR Film short. Where the hell did all those million$ go? Perhaps a bit of sunshine might’ve helped evoke a tropical vibe, maybe they shouldnt have shot it in the SPP carpark.

    WHy do people say Dave Fane is a genius? Fane does not rhyme with funny.

    i guess when this turkey tanks John Barnet(as he did with thier previous gut-busting samsh hit WE’RE HERE TO HELP).

    Jamie, sorry ‘James’ Griffin’s forte is writing twee middle-class white male ‘musings’ for the back page of Weekend Newpaper magazines. Komedy…he kan’t do…

  • Fozzy Bear

    The 10pm timeslot’s a big mean ain’t it? Even if it is on straight after Dancing with the Who-are-they-agains? Though it would appear to be standard operating procedure for any kiwi made drama / comedy doomed to screen on TVNZ.

     Maybe the millions went on the launch party and Andy Shaw’s lawyers fees / PR retraining after his little tirade there.

  • JonP

    Agree with most of comments here – Great stuff !!

  • jase

    I liked it. Dont like the time slot but, too dam late. They should put it on b4 dancing with the stars because this show is far more interesting. Go DJ Lady Killer!!!

  • the man

    I give it 20 out of 10 for costume (200%)

    For a moment I thought I was watching Shortland Street

    then there was the …

  • Simon

    Sour grapes, Phil?

  • PurpleTentacle

    Lol @ Phil.

    I thought it was great. Very well made. A few more laughs would have been nice. Timeslot and channel are horrible – I watched it online in tvnz-shitovision – didn’t even know it was going to be on TV…

  • PurpleTentacle

    Loved the music.

  • openmedia

    Agree on the music. Agree on the timeslot. Love the cast and please take a look at the trailers on TVNZ’s site as they are side splitting.

  • regan

    I’ve asked TVNZ if they’ll be rescreening it so will let you know what I hear.

  • regan

    TVNZ have informed us that there will not be a rescreening of the first episode of Diplomatic Immunity.  However, it has proven to be quite popular on TVNZ Ondemand.  If you missed the ending, you can watch it here.

  • phil

    dear moderator aka ‘Regan’

    I note that anyone who doesnt fly the home flag gets tarred by the tall poppy brush. I’m not surprised really, considering you were a defender of WELCOME TO PARADISE.keep up the good work, there’s an episode of HAVOC PRESENTS QUALITY TIME waiting for you to praise.

    your kowtowing make me cringe. Still, your knee-jerk usage of ‘tall poppy’ shows you are adept at using cliches…perhaps you should be writing for DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY. Send yr cv off to SPP, they might laugh, because your forums and this site are the biggest joke of all.

    I hope NZOA are rewarding you sufficiently for your obsequious pandering.

  • regan

    Phil, I get that some people just like to complain about everything.  I understand that no matter what you do, some people just like to have a bitch.  Unfortunately, there are some people who just can’t help being negative.  It wouldn’t matter whether a NZ show was the best ever as those people would still complain and manage to find something to whinge about.  Nothing will ever be good enough for you.  And that’s fine.  You can’t define what’s positive without having something negative to compare it with.

    In this instance, you’re the minority.

    I must say, while you find this site the biggest joke of them all, you seem to keep returning to participate in the conversation.  Don’t you think that paints your character in a certain light?

    Thanks for the entertainment!

  • regan

    Jane Clifton reviews the first episode here.

  • phil

    I get that some people just don’t like to complain about anything. I understand that no matter what you watch, some people just like to say it’s brilliant. Unfortunately, there are some people who just can’t help being non-critical. It wouldn’t matter whether a NZ show was the worst ever as those people would still praise it and manage to find something to rave about. Nothing will ever be bad enough for you. And that’s not fine.

    This site is a weak joke devoid of a set-up or a punchline, delivered on amateur nite to an empty house.

    I dare you to link to a site that allows genuine viewer reaction to DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY, (a site, note, that doesn’t resort to lame cliches like ‘tall poppy syndrome’ for anyone who didnt die from laughter) . Here’s one here…


    You might find (reality check alert)) that at least 50% of posters agree with my reaction to said dated turkey). In fact , some views are vitriolic. So, I’m hardly in the minority, am I? Sorry to burst yr bubble.

    As to returning to yr site…if I were you, I’d be on my knees in gratitude for any traffic here, ( a natural position for you, by the sounds of it)

    Hope you’re enjoying TOP TOWN!

  • regan

    Oh Phil.  You must be a comedy writer.  That was gold.  You obviously didn’t read the last comment before you posted your latest tirade as you would have seen I actually had linked to Jane Clifton’s review.

    And how old are you insinuating that I provide anyone with oral sex?  Great way to try and prove how right you are.

    It’s one thing to have an opinion about something but it’s something completely different to be venomous.

  • jase

    tut tut Phil. Get some clear eyes buddy, your view is some what clouded : p

  • john p

    my wife and i gave ep 2 a go last night…verdict- i think I agree with Phil’s assessment, which doesnt seem so far off the mark.

    The show seems to have been left on the shelf too long…the origins of the satire thrusts (i.e the ‘anthrax’ in last night’s ep) have been forgotten in the mists of time. The whole show is like a hangover from the 70’s with a few feeble concessions to 20th century media (PUNK’D) thrown in as an afterthought.

    Reading the comments on stuff.co.nz,
    17 are pro the show,
    13 are ambiguous and
    22 are negative.

    Do you really believe that more than half of New Zealand viewers simply have a knee -jerk, Tall Poppy Syndrome reaction to local content?

  • Dylan

    It was great. I remember when Curb Your Enthusiasm came out.. it took people a while to catch on. I’m afraid I’m in the “already there” camp.

  • regan

    Being entertained and made to laugh is a very personal thing.  Things that make some laugh will make others cringe and vice versa.  Just because something isn’t you’re sense of humour doesn’t mean it’s bad.  And likewise, just because something is your sense of humour doesn’t make it good.  What is objectionable is the negativity that goes from personal opinion to personal attack.

  • jhjh2000

    I’m not surprised really, considering you were a defender of WELCOME TO PARADISE.? but WELCOME TO PARADISEwas good

  • regan

    What is it with everyone and Welcome to Paradise?  *bangs head against wall again* I never defended it.  I simply pointed out the double standard in the decision not to fund a second series.  That did not mean I was endorsing a second season, or for that matter, the first.

  • jhjh2000

    i liked WELCOME TO PARADISE it all and Diplomatic Immunity is the same writing standard

  • JD

    That last comment seems to have a certain air of ‘meaningless’ about it.
    A bit like ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ which seems to have a certain air of ‘boring’, ‘unfunny’, ’embarrassing’ and ‘utter crap’ about it.

    ‘Utter Crap…’ – as said by Rowan Atkinson in the hilarious “Black Adder’s Christmas Carol” (admittedly before he went AWOL in that miserable ‘Mr Bean’ cash-cow..)
    Now, ‘Black Adder’ is funny – check it here, 0:53

    In defence of those wishing to criticise the show in question here without being labelled a general winge-er or moaner, imagine if Mr Regan was forced to compare “Black Adder” with either ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ or the sitcom Billy-T was in, or the one Pio Terei was in called ‘Pio!’, or ‘Joey’ from the US, or ‘Man about the House’ from the 1970’s UK, or, dare I mention it, ‘Welcome to Paradise’ – and declare which was funniest….
    Just for the sake of illustration, ‘Black Adder’ is surely on another level than the 6 other examples I mentioned.
    While ‘Black Adder’ is a sharp and witty period comedy, the others are by comparison, also-rans in the sitcom genre which don’t even hold a candle.
    This has nothing to do with just complaining for the sake of it. There are plenty of hilarious kiwi comics – they just don’t appear to any effect in this show – some drip from ‘Shortland Street’ does appear however – but he’s not actually humorous. I believe Phil’s comment is bang on. The first few reviews below going nuts over ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ (sexy title!) must from members of staff.
    They should visit Stuff’s poll for another view:

    If I found myself up late one night in front of bullshit like this from Australia, the US, the UK or wherever, and the humour onscreen amounted to second-rate renditions of whoopee-fart-cushions and lazy April-fool jokes – I’d feel the same way – it’s shit – let’s turnover.

    I understand, Regan, what you say about what makes one laugh is a personal thing – but does it really take a genius to understand that what was screened after “Dancing with the Stars’ for the last two Tuesday’s is not going to be remembered as a funny show? Will it be talked about like ‘The Young Ones’? or ‘Flight of the Conchords’? No it won’t. It’s rubbish. It will sink into the swamps of forgettable TV trash like many other mediocre shows before – regardless of nation.
    Not because it was the victim of some jealous paranoia to do with poppies – but because it just wasn’t a very good TV show. That’s it. The guys weren’t very funny – What’s with the ‘money laundering’ basket-of-cash gag? Are we watching kids TV ‘What Now?’ jokes??
    What’s with that bikini model continuously shouting about ethnic equality and peace etc..?! And Craig Parker losing his undies? Is this actually humour?!
    As John P, said – it was ‘feeble’ – All this crap about a fake cyclone (or was it REALLY a fake cyclone ? – (How hilarious! – I can’t wait for the ads to finish to find out..!))

    Look, for a long time us Kiwi’s took the high ground in hassling the Yanks for ruining comedy shows whenever they remade them from the UK.
    Like when they remade ‘Fawlty Towers’ as ‘Payne’ with John Laroquette and more recently with the remake of The Office. We always say they ruin the subtlety with an overly laboured treatment – well how can you say ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ is any different from these brain-dead canned-laughter attempts? Phil’s reference to ‘Top Town’ is a perfect example. That used to be a grass-roots, almost ‘sports’ competition where you cared who actually won – now look at it – a hysterically edited cartoon adapted from those crazy Japanese game shows with stupid sound-effects and non-stop shouting. And there’s another one from the Aussies on the other channel at exactly the same time that looks identical.
    If dumb, cheesey sitcoms like ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ are anything to go by – us ‘enlightened’ Kiwis will no longer have the right to level such criticism.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice that New Zealand, like Australia, is adopting cheap, trashy, Americanised TV comedy quicker than most Kiwis would care to admit…


  • aaronimpact


    As Andrew Shaw said, “If you don’t have a sense of humour, you’re fucking dead”.

    And to my knowledge the British practically invented “toilet humour”.

  • regan

    I grew up sneakily watching Black Adder on my 4 inch black and white TV late at night with a jersey stuff along the bottom of the door so my parents wouldn’t see the flickering light and the giveaway that I wasn’t sleeping.  That was one of my favourite shows growing up so please don’t make the presumption that I don’t enjoy good comedy.

    You make a number of good points, but as I’ve already said, comedy, and in fact television in general, appeals to all sorts of different people.  Things that make some laugh will make others wince.  Things that make some well up with tears will cause others to want to chunder.  Does one reaction nullify the other?

    In marketing you identify your audience and target them.  As long as your intended market is happy, do you really think anyone cares about the opinions of those who don’t fall into that demographic?

    So it’s not your cup of tea.  Some people actually enjoy it.  Deal with it.


  • JD

    If the target demographic in this case is those viewers who don’t expect a lot from their TV shows – those that would sit passively through any old TV ‘sit-com’ with even the most derelict and stale, over-used attempts at comedy, then I guess ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ is doing alright. – There will always be a market for cheesy, forgettable sit-coms then . . . . . .

    – – Re. your question, I have no idea whether those in that camp are ignoring alternative view points and opinions from outside or not. Some might be, who knows… But surely that’s what ‘Comments’ sites like this are for. Those willing post their view and the debate that ensues or overall picture built up on the website will deal with it . . . . . . . . . .

    – – So getting back to the subject then – you note with your earlier fondness for ‘Black Adder’ that you do ‘enjoy good comedy’. Great to hear! – They’re your words incidentally, ‘good comedy’ – (what does that make “Diplomatic Immunity” then? – even though I’m sure Craig Parker and co. would love to be compared to the Rowan Atkinson/Ben Elton classic) – . . . . .
    – but I’m lead here to ask this question of you; Leaving “Diplomatic Immunity” and “Black Adder” aside for a second – what would you consider a really bad sit-com ? – I would love to hear an example from you – out of all the shows you’ve seen from any country – of what a really BAD sit-com would be….?
    Surely there must be one out there….
    And finally – has New Zealand ever made a bad TV-show…? Even non-sitcom. Like, I would consider that horrible “Sugar Shack” a really BAD TV-show (- probably why they canned it after only a few screenings). – – –
    Would be interested to hear what you think would qualify . . . .

    – JD, Christchurch

  • regan

    what would you consider a really bad sit-com ?

    Oh, that’s easy.  Do Not Disturb.

  • JD

    Oh very good – so the dud’s are indeed out there then. Safe choice admittedly – a US train wreck which barely saw air time. . . . .
    I take it casting a critical eye over any weak efforts from New Zealand is just too much of a challenge then . . . .
    – – – Oh well – you’ll no doubt be hoping the humour on tonight’s ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ stretches beyond giggling at traded practical jokes, whoopee cushions and other laboured gags fit for a 10-year old – in order to avoid the sore reputation or indeed the complete LACK of memorable reputation as in the cancelled dud you’ve quoted . . . . . .
    JD, Christchurch

  • regan

    FFS!  You ask a question.  I answer it.  You then complain because the answer you get wasn’t to the question you actually wanted to ask.  Can you not see a hint of my frustration at people like you?  This isn’t even about the quality of television.  It’s about people who complain for the sake of complaining.

  • JD

    I think you’re confused. I asked for your idea of a bad sit-com – which you indeed gave and I acknowledged – very good, ‘Do not Disturb’ (the one that was on the air for barely three airings apparently) . . . . . – And then, if you check my original posting, I wondered if you were able nominate a bad NEW ZEALAND show . . and I gave ‘Sugar Shack’ as an example (“Dare to Win” would be another). – – I wasn’t complaining for the sake of it – I just surmised this was too much of a challenge since you only returned with just the one from the USA . . . . . . . . . On the subject of ‘complaining for the sake of it’, I’ve already refuted at length this weak claim of yours in my first post with examples of great shows that I would NEVER complain about (‘Black Adder’, ‘Flight of the Conchords’, ‘The Office’ UK, other Kiwi comics (not Craig Parker though)). So you’re not making any sense. If a crap show turns up – and there’s a website asking for your view – I’ll give it. . . . Like I did when I caught a brilliant episode of NZ sketch comedy from Millen Baird on TV a while ago – I went online and expressed my positive view of how I thought it was great. It happened to screen straight after another NZ show on that Friday night, which -it has to be said -was completely awful – it was called ‘A Thousand Apologies’. A truly terrible show of sketch comedy. . . . . Don’t be frustrated Regan, if people are able to offer a good, thought out reason behind their view – then you can’t say they’re ‘complaining for the sake of it’. . That just sounds like a cop out. – – – – JD, Christchurch

  • regan

    You asked for a bad sit-com, from anywhere in the world.  The number of aired episodes is irrelevant.  It still fits in that category.  And how could the answer be safe?  Because we might actually agree on how bad it was?

    As far as bad NZ television is concerned, you can’t go past Pops Ultimate Star. Welcome to Paradise, despite everyones misunderstanding of my opinion, does also belong on that list.

    There are plenty of other elements of TV shows that need work.  Particularly TVNZ set and logo designs.  Close Up and the new Q+A are horrendous.

    There is well thought out views and then there is nit-picking.  Particularly when, as I’ve said before, what makes someone laugh or cry is a personal thing.

  • JD

    I agree with you about ‘Pops Ultimate Star’ and ‘Welcome to Paradise’. Both pretty bad. . – I’m not going to let a small misunderstanding about my original two-part question give way to a debate on the definition of ‘nit-picking’ . . . . . . .
    I called your nomination “Do not Disturb” safe because compared to the current discussion about “Diplomatic Immunity” and the other more widely watched titles under question, “Do not Disturb” was apparently canned so swiftly it wasn’t around long enough to even stir such debate. It’s status as ‘bad-TV’ was obviously so unanimous, no-one probably got the chance to think otherwise – especially in NZ. So, yes, in the context of this debate – a safe and riskless choice. – But still a valid one – and you’ve identified a few weak shows from NZ too so all-good. . . . . . I posed the question originally because I wondered whether you were going to defend all Kiwi output no matter what the quality – even if they were as flimsy and as basic as ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ . . . . . . . I agree with your comment on the ‘Close-Up’ set, when I saw Sainsbury standing there in front of that boxy, red mess I thought it was a definite step back . . . . . . . .

    – Going back to shows being swiftly and unanimously ignored and axed however – it must be cases like “Do not Disturb” that point up the LIMITS to how personal a definition of ‘good-comedy’ or what makes one laugh or cry can be. And applied to the new TVNZ show screening tonight – aired late in the evening or not – if the sizeable group that agree “Diplomatic Immunity” is a substandard waste of resources – with an insultingly weak and old-hat brand of humour – gets too much bigger – this TVNZ effort may also find itself on a slippery slope to an early end . . . . . – – JD, Christchurch

  • Scap

    I hated the first episode but gave it another go and thought the 2nd ep was hilarious.

  • bobscoffee

    sorry did i just read Millen Baird and brilliant in the same sentence?

  • aaronimpact

    Funny episode last night.

    Keep making that secretary dress up as a “horn-dog” and I’ll keep watching.

  • jhjh2000

    ut of all the shows you’ve seen from any country – of what a really BAD sit-com would be….? all those uk “sit-com” the uk people don’t have a sense of humour

     Surely there must be one out there…. And finally – has New Zealand ever made a bad TV-show…?

    2Tube. Moon TV

     ‘Welcome to Paradise’ was not the bad

  • aaronimpact

    Some people thought City Life and Melody Rules was bad.

    I remember watching City Life but never seen Melody Rules as I never had TV3 in my part of the country at the time.

  • JD

    …again – there’s something about ‘jhjh2000’s post that makes me think ‘meaningless’ – but then I remember what site-host ‘regan’ has said about the personal nature of what makes us cry, ‘laugh’, cringe and ‘vomit’ and how INDIVIDUAL they all are, and so I count to ten – . . . and he helps me come to this conclusion: who can tell what nullifies what out of all these feelings? . . . ‘Regan’ as a blog author is essentially the same as ‘jhjh2000’ as a blog responder, because , in this curent web context, where would they be without each other ? . . . . . . ‘jhjh2000’ has just came up with a nice big dollup of ‘regan’s ‘Throng’ bread and butter . . whatever we might debate about ‘jhjh2000’s last post – we must definitely agree on one thing – his or her nomination of “2 Tube” and “Moon TV” as crap NZ TV is TOTALLY on the money! Those shows are the CRAPPEST! and I’m surprised no-one who actually cares hasn’t mentioned them yet!! Even though his/her words are loosely strung together ‘jhjh2000’ has identified that “2-tube” is a lazy Internet-feed masquerading as a TV show. Plus, “Moon TV” is the unfunniest show you could shake a stick at – and I think it currently screens at the same ungodly hour after 1:30am that you’ll probably see ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ bow at in about 3 years time . . . . . . . . That ‘Moon TV’ guy and his show is total BULLCRAP!! . Surely most people see that! Who were the idiots who paid for his trip over to South America / Machu Picchu ?! . . . mystifying . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yes ‘bobscoffee’, Millen Baird did luckliy get sentenced to a Friday time slot that came out brilliant, you must’ve missed it. Check out these brilliant examples and compare them to those cute little culture comparisons attempted in that clumsy and cobbled-together show ‘Diplomatic Immunity’: (man! that John Leigh can be a wooden actor at times eh?! – what was with that nonsense scene inside the tin-garage? (“This converstation never happened” . WTF – we already knew that!!)) :
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNZk7mDoz2I . . .

    tragic kiwi identity crisis personified:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ew7DXTGotJ0 . . .
    Not every skit is gold , but he’s a cut above most NZ comedy that makes it on TV – have a look:
    . . – very talented. . . . he plays multi-characters (how many of ‘Dip.Immunity’ team could manage that? .
    . . .

    And back to ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ . . . aaronimpact was definitely on the money with the reference to the flesh – keep that coming and we won’t even NEED to laugh. . Enough gratuitous butt-cheek shots could even make a comedian out of Craig Parker I guess – even spread-eagle on-the-lawn shots (just ensure those monkey viewers don’t switch the channel) . . . . But without the bikini shots (plus brainy protest-messages written on the tits – (keep posing doll!) (It’s cute she’s so naive to all the attentions of the net-surfers! . . – funny!)) . we’d just be left with simmering, angry close ups of Craig Parker’s face (who told him HE was funny?) as he stares down the various humourless and hammy attempts of David Fane to be “Tricky”. – Now, is this all this sit-com is going to amount to ? A retread of trying to FOOL Craig Parker’s character as he and his written part broods in a witless standoff down the lens toward the show’s 23-minute end-point?
    (let’s haggle over the old atlas-books with pictures of Captain Cook again…)
    . . there was a scene were ‘Parker’ was sitting at his desk and being explained the sexual advantages of being an ‘Aratika’ that went on FOREVER . . . didn’t anyone else find this boring? Were you watching a comedy? . “Those wimpy NZ ants !!” – who cares about these cute culture-clash observations – sure they take up air-time and we share The Pacific area and all – but are they witty and entertaining! (Did the writers do anything with their worldy inter-island experience beyond cash-in on the fact no other sit-com deals with this subject?) – Do these lazy and pedestrian observations justify a crew and a TV timeslot? . . . . . I guess they do if you cram in enough shots of that gorgeous South African chick with her kit off . . you can be as witless as you like with that scenery – as some of the punters have already reported . . . .JD, Christchurch

  • tomsc

    Seriously, JD, do you not actually have a life in Christchurch? Your rantings about this series are tending to suggest as much. You don’t like Diplomatic Immunity, we get that, you have laboured over this point for long enough, so it’s time to move on or move away. All you’re doing now is coming across as a bitter individual with and axe to grind and a desk drawer full of rejected comedy ideas.

    Also there are these things called ‘paragraphs’ – they’re quite fun and you should try them some time.

  • JD

    Hey . . . Stop hassling Christchurch ! It’s a cool town!

  • What else is on ..

    Ha!  Classic!  And so few words …

  • ncross

    I don’t care how Diplomatic Immunity is viewed by other people, I think the show is Brilliant! Kiwi humour at its finest. Sure, sometimes the show seems a little off, humour-wise, but compared to other New Zealand ‘comedies’, Diplomatic Immunity is funny and a most triumphant return to good old fun. It’s original and the actors actually can act!!!!

  • phil

    Hey Regan,
    more than halfway thru DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY’s run. I’m still watching. Are you?

    Any figures on audience veiwing numbers? I mean, actual, real viewer figures and not the target aud share type meaningless stats usually offered up?

    How many bums on couchs are hanging in there?

    Just curious…

  • regan

    I’m still watching too!  I’ll see if I can get some figures in the morning.

  • aaronimpact

    Heh heh heh.

    If you didn’t find the latest episode funny, you’re fucking dead!

    The bird dance, penene classic.

  • JD

    Hey Regan, did you find any viewership figures showing how many sad and sorry individuals are still watching this crap? – Would be interesting to see what the ratings are…

    ‘ncross’ raises an interesting view about him/her apparently not caring how the show is viewed by others. This is obviously a lie. When you think about it, ‘ncross’ HAS to care or else he wouldn’t even BE here.

    ‘ncross’, like others here, obviously cares that their view is heard – else they wouldn’t have posted it to this message board. It surely wasn’t written for ‘ncross’ to solely re-read over and over again him/herself…….
    He/she assumes and relies on the fact that others DO care about the views of others or else no-one would even VISIT this site to discover and read the range of opinions out there – including the one “ncross” has just typed in…

    If you truly and completely don’t care about other peoples views and truly and completely don’t care what others will think of your own – then surely you’d just keep it all to yourself without even uttering a word…

    You can’t have it both ways – pretending not to care but also chipping in anyway…

    In the context of this website – denying this basic law of discourse and interaction would leave you silent and non-existent.

    It’s a bit like what ‘aaronimpact’ said – – “you’re ****ing dead!”


  • Purple Tentacle

    I watched the pilot, which I thought was mildly entertaining. Then watched a couple of minutes of one of the following episodes before switching to something else.

    Like Go Girls there’s just nothing to keep me watching. It’s not funny enough to come back for the laughs, and the story isn’t interesting enough for me to really care what happens.

    Well made from a technical standpoint though. Which just goes to show – we know how to shoot a good show, we just don’t know how to write it.

  • aaronimpact

    My tape cut out.

    Who played Princess Grace?

    Talk about sauce.

  • fishtank

    Princess Grace was played by Natalie Medlock.

    I love the way this series is getting more and more out there. Pity it is on in such a dreadful timeslot.

  • openmedia

    Never watched an episode live. This week we watched it 15 minutes late on the PVR and avoided all of the adverts

  • Kat

    Being in the US, the onyl way I will get to see the whole series is on the net. The eps are online at the channel’s website but won’t play if you aren’t in NZ. I was able to download the first two eps of this show by torrent and loved it. Can’t find any of the other eps. Now if only some kind person in NZ could upload the rest of the seres……

    Pretty please.

  • luc

    I can’t help but feel sorry for Diplomatic Immunity, which I see ends tonight. It’s a really good show that has been dumped by TVNZ in a no-win timeslot, with no publicity anywhere. And, even worse, now it’s up against Outrageous Fortune – which is made by the same company. How the hell did that state of affairs happen? What a waste of a great Kiwi show.

  • JD

    Perhaps the reason TVNZ eventually found itself feeling distant and unenthusiastic about ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ was because it actually had some pride in it’s own brand name.

    Once the pathetic range of entertainments available from this boring, non-event TV programme became evident it’s no wonder it hasn’t been hoisted on some fake pedestal. In advertising there’s no greater sin than undelivered promises.

    In the same token, let’s consider the brand of ‘Throng’ – “New Zealand’s TV watching community”.
    The amount of people in this ‘community’ (interesting term – sounds like a cute little village – is this promise true?) voicing their admiration for this stupid excuse for a comedy show is a phenomenon in itself. – Says a lot about Throng. It must be repository for opinions that rarely deviate from positive stroking regardless of artistic merit. Or in this case comedic talent.

    The act of calling “Diplomatic Immunity” a ‘great’ show will only exist in a sadly esoteric and limited, devotional online forum or commune such as this…

  • Simon

    Do I detect a personal axe to grind?

  • JD

    Do you think “Diplomatic Immunity” is a great show, Simon ?

    (Are you ensuring you’re home to catch it or borrowing a mates vid-recording of it if you’re not..?)

  • openmedia

    Well I really enjoyed the season of Diplomatic Immunity. Most episodes had numerous laugh out loud bits. So far I’ve only visited Rarotonga and Tonga, but even that is sufficient to catch the almalgamation of Pacific cultures they are trying to represent within the show.

  • hampete

    I caught an episode. I just cannot stand Craig Parker which instantly turned me off, too bad though because I’m sure it would have been watchable. But then again I don’t like tropical settings.. Hard to please..