General Manager of Freeview resigns

Steve Browning, General Manager of Freeview, has resigned his position effective Friday, 9 April to pursue new opportunities.  Mr. Browning led the launch of both the satellite and terrestrial Freeview platforms, taking New Zealand along the path to a fully digital television system.

Rick Friesen, Chairman of Freeview, paid tribute to the integral part Browning has played in the success and strength of the world class digital television platform that Freeview has swiftly become recognised as.

“This announcement is about celebrating our success to date and, more importantly, the exciting future that lies ahead of us. Steve presided over the launch and phenomenal growth of Freeview by ensuring it has become recognised as an internationally acclaimed free-to-air digital TV platform,” he says.

“Succession planning has always been a priority at Freeview so I am pleased to appoint Sam Irvine, Freeview’s current Marketing Manager as acting General Manager until a full review and permanent appointment is made. As part of the launch team, his marketing expertise in the digital arena is well proven and puts the leadership of Freeview in very capable hands,” he adds.

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    Appears he is off to manage the NZ launch of Tivo.