In the papers today - Sunday 29 Mar

From the Sunday papers today…

“Fionaonthebox” says that “the only thing good about New Zealand’s Next Top Model is that it’s so bad.” Apparently she was pleasantly surprised after the first week, enough to watch it the second week, but after three episodes has given up due mostly to “bad Nu Ziland accents and terrible grammar.” I haven’t seen the show, is it as difficult to watch as she says?

Tonight’s episode of Bones is directed by the show’s star, David Boreanaz.

Apparently New Line Cinema are trying to turn 80’s action show MacGyver into a movie. Surely Richard Dean Anderson couldn’t pull that role off after this long? Who could play the role better? Would you pay to see it?

The film version of the popular TV show, Arrested Development, is expected to being shooting by the end of the year. All the original cast are on board and it’s being written by the show’s creator Mitchell Hurwitz. Will you see the movie?

Talk of a film version of Veronica Mars may be all over, creator Rob Thomas thinks that if it was going to be greenlit it probably would have happened by now.

Anything else in the other papers worth sharing?

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