The papers have pounced on the comments Paul Henry read out from viewers on Breakfast about Stephanie Mills’ moustache. TVNZ has received about six formal complaints.  Paul Henry says people should just get over it and won’t apologise.  Meanwhile Stephanie Mills is being sensible in her response, saying it’s trademark Paul Henry liking to be controversial and there’s more important things to worry about and is happy with herself and hasn’t made a formal complaint.  The Sunday Star times helpfully gives the link to the YouTube clip (uploaded by TVNZ no less) right on the front page of the paper.

New Zealand’s Next Top Model

Bridget Saunders sticks to her prediction that Christobelle Grierson-Ryrie will win and reveals that she makes it to the final four.  We knew that Rebecca Rose didn’t win but apparently she also leaves the show early.  Rebecca also thinks Christobelle will win.  TV3 is “thrilled” with the ratings, which are better than America’s Next Top Model and growing. 

Gossip columnists would love her to win too – as there’s plenty of talk about her mother Josephine Grierson – who caught Prince Andrew’s eye and is even labelled as New Zealand’s Oprah for her inspiring businesswoman record. 

Sunday News columnist Fiona Wilson rants that the show is a cheap rip-off of America’s Next Top Model and is totally over the “Nu Ziland” accents and terrible grammar.

Spy has discovered pictures of host Sara Tetro as a cheerleader back in the early 90s and enjoys making fun of her and fellow cheerleader Wendy Petrie.

Shortland Street

Sunday News interviews actress Anna Jullienne who has played Maia for the past five years.  Maia will have a mental breakdown in the coming weeks.  Anna researched the storyline by going online.  The actress is getting married next year and says she needs no encouragement to get clucky and loves working with baby Liam who plays her on-screen son Jay. MIP TV Expo

The Sunday Star Times talks about the international MIP TV expo held in Cannes and what TVNZ should spend their money on this year, given the cuts in budget.   TV3 is not going to MIP TV this year, saying they do very little ad-hoc buying.

It  lists prime cuts as:  The Mentalist, The Ex List (cancelled after merely one month, with terrible ratings and reviews), ER (final season), Star Wars and The Marriage Ref (with Jerry Seinfeld).  Best left in the cutting room: Jade Goody’s road-to-death doco, Privileged and Castle.

Dancing with the Stars

Chris Hobbs says Rebecca was more upset than he was when he was eliminated.  It’s the first time they’ve been in the same country or city for a while.  He hopes Rebecca and Barbara will make it to the finals but wonders if Josh could be the dark horse of the competition. 

Outrageous Fortune

Antonia Prebble is studying part-time for her BA majoring in English Literature at Massey University while acting.  “I do find it stimulating and find that my brain functions a lot better with all that studying.  It’s also quite relevant to my career, as I hope to act in plays by Shakespeare and other playwrights that I’ve studied at some point in the future.”

TV bromances

TV stars make up many of Spy’s Top 12 bromances.  The top slot was given to Jonah Lomu and Grant Kereama but here’s the ones of interest:

#3 Matthew Ridge and Brent Todd
#6 Bret McKenzie and Jermain Clement (Flight of the Conchords)
#11 Jamie Linehan and Ben Boyce (Pulp Sport)
#12 Oliver and Jack (the dog) Driver (Sunrise)


Win a Small Blacks TV Prize pack thanks to Sunday News.  Email with small in the subject line. 

*Yawn* Tabloid fodder

The Tony Veitch saga doesn’t end, with the Sunday papers having a field day over Kristin Dunne-Powell leaving NZ.

Blind items

“Which diva TV face evicted an international house guest and hard-working employee from her mansion quick smart when she thought he wasn’t showing the gratitude she felt she deserved?  Now he’s not only homeless but jobless too.” – Spy

“Which telly presenter is so confident his post is safe, he’s been gloating to friends that any wayward extra-curricular activities that go down at his house will never be unearthed?  I’m not so sure.  The drugs, women and orgies are well-known and the only reason they haven’t been exposed has more to do with the TV man’s influential friends and bosses.  Not him.” – Spy

“Which well-known bride is rumoured to have given her high-profile TV-star husband the boot because of ongoing infidelity?  This is quite sad because he had a bit of a reputation before they got together and, when they did, he swore off philandering for good.” – About Town

TV developments

Greer Robson is to host Wheel of Fortune while Sonia Gray is on maternity leave.  Gray is set to give birth to twins shortly.

Lucy Lawless is back in New Zealand for six months while working on her husband’s TV show Spartacus.

Mikey Havoc tells Sunday News he’s hopeful there will be a season season of the new Top Town and says it’s both an honour and privilege to host the show.

New show Better Off Ted will star Portia de Rossi (Arrested Development) and Jay Harrington (Private Practice).


Jon Bridges (Ice TV) is to wed Gemma Wilson in 2010.

Movie developments

MacGyver is to finally be turned into a movie.


Sunday News interviews Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Lately) who says she loves being able to mock E! while being on E! and thinks she has the best job on the channel.  She says she “hates” Spencer and Heidi, can’t stand Denise Richards or Tori Spelling (because they constantly call the paparazzi) and prefers American Idol contestants as they have some talent!

Sunday magazine profiles Kiwi Lucy Hockings who presents on BBC World News.    Interesting tidbits include having to keep her arms covered so as not to offend Muslim viewers, originally having to have voice coaching to hide her Kiwi accent – and then being told her natural accent was ok and how she loves the adrenalin and tension when there’s breaking news and no script. 

TV presenter Mark Leishman shares a photo from his past with Sunday magazine and talks about the good old days of Top Town and Telequest.

Mike Hosking (Who wants to be a Millionaire?) talks to Sunday magazine about how happy he is with life, being dumped from Breakfast and doesn’t end the rumors about him and Kate Hawkesby.

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