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Tuesday, March 24th at 8pm on TV3

Missing Pieces, the new local series which has touched many hearts around New Zealand, is this week telling two emotional stories of lost families, tears and despair when the series screens on Tuesday, March 24th at 8pm on 3.

First Missing Pieces takes viewers inside the world of schoolgirl Emily Addis. As a young girl Emily was adopted but for many years her birth mother Tara kept in close contact with her.

However five-years-ago the Otago youngster received a letter from Tara saying she had cancer. Emily has not heard from her birth mother since. She now wants to know if Tara is alive and, if she is, why she abandoned her.

Then the series goes inside the world of Stephen Westin. “Stephen is one of those guys who will surprise you,” says Missing Pieces producer David Lomas about the man who spent his childhood moving from foster home to foster home.

After being placed in foster care as a rebellious youngster Stephen was forced to move from home to home until being placed with Don Cairn, a take charge kind of carer.

“Don was a real no nonsense bloke who is wheelchair bound after a truck accident,” Lomas says of the man who changed Stephen’s life.

But convincing Don to meet with Stephen was no easy feat; “At first he was quite anti television,” says Lomas. “But he finally agreed to the meeting with us and was stunned when he discovered how much Stephen had appreciated what he had done for him.”

What Don had done was boldly broke the rules and decided Stephen should be home with his mother. According to Stephen, Don was “the one person who cared” and now he wants to find and thank the man who turned his life around.

Make sure not to miss this reunion, and find out if Emily Addis is able to find the mother she hasn’t heard from in years when Missing Pieces screens on Tuesday, March 24th at 8pm on 3. 


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  • Eve Gordon

    I am wondering if anyone knows how to apply to be ‘on’ missing pieces? I am looking for my father whom i have never had the chance to meet and would like to be on the show.