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Paul Hennessy has one major rule that will never change – “If you make my daughters cry, I’ll make you cry.”

Paul (John Ritter, Three’s Company), is a loving and rational dad, who suddenly discovers — after agreeing to share the duties of raising the kids when his wife, Cate (Katey Sagal, Married With Children), returns to work — that his two darling daughters have morphed into hormonally-charged, incomprehensible teenagers.

Paul had grown accustomed to Cate taking care of their son and two daughters. His job as a sports writer kept him on the road a lot during the kids’ formative years. But when Cate decides to return to work as a hospital nurse, Paul takes a job as a columnist and undertakes the responsibility of helping out with the kids.

Although not new to fatherhood, Paul is just a bit rusty on day-to-day interaction and discovers that he’s grown a little out of touch with his kids – especially his daughters. His value has been reduced to a wallet and a ride to the mall. Sixteen-year-old Bridget (Kaley Cuoco, Big Bang Theory) has matured into a beautiful and popular teenager, with a different boyfriend each week and a taste for fashion that tends to be a little too revealing for her father’s taste. By contrast, 15-year-old Kerry is intelligent and cute, but her lack of self-confidence has led her to hide behind a mask of sarcasm. Thank goodness for 13-year-old son Rory fondly referred to as “The Boy” by Paul and Cate, who remains on the sane track… at least for the time being.

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