Praise Be Moving To Early Timeslot

Beginning next Sunday morning, Praise Be will now screen at the earlier start time of 7am.

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I am an avid fan of retro television (both New Zealand and international), as well as a collector of television network identification and channel openers
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  • ell


    That will disappoint a few people I’m sure, especially the older folk (more likely to be religious) who may not be able to attend church on a Sunday morning.

    Q&A takes Praise Be’s former slot…good time of the morning to sit in bed and nurse a hangover with some political discussion.

  • MrCynical

    They’d be up by then anyway.  Will leave the rest of their morning free to go pick more fights with germans.

  • DaMo

    Looks like someone must have complained because it actually aired at a more reasonable 8am so that’s props to TVNZ for changing the slot to something more acceptable.