The Violent Coast - Liberia

DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL – Tuesdays from 7 April, 8.30pm

Ben Anderson knows about travelling through potentially perilous places. In 2002 he visited the countries which made up President Bush’s infamous ‘Axis of Evil’ in the guise of a tourist. Anderson found that Western understanding of these countries was often at odds with reality. Could his trip to these four countries along the West African Coast, so ravaged by war, disease and corruption, also challenge perceptions and reveal the unexpected? Anderson looks at the real life stories behind the headlines.

Liberia: Arriving on the day the transitional government steps down, no one knows what is going to happen. A live rocket propelled grenade remains embedded in a tree in a playground and child soldiers are still hanging on to a terrifying arsenal.

“… featuring intrepid reporter Ben Anderson, whose action-man looks conceal a mild-mannered inquisitiveness and a casual disregard for his own safety. That’s probably the best approach for dealing with the rarely-seen West African countries.” Guardian

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