"Thriller” a old TV series


Can anyone remember “Thriller” a old TV series most likely played on TV1 or TV2 in the late 1970’s I found (series 1 &2 ) the 6 * DVD pack in the shops for a reduced price of $40 in the shops recently

If you like the old TV series “the Avengers” most likely you will like the “Thriller” I must say after just watching a couple of the stories I think I got my entertainment value out of it. but unlike the Avengers this has different actors/actresses for each story.

The first story was “Lady killer” with Barbara Feldon (agent 99 from get smart) standing as the unfortunate lady, I have to be honest all thought the story I was thinking they cant kill off or harm Barbara she is a good sort, then I really cracked up at the end, not sure if it was supposed to have a funny ending or it was just me and my sick sense of humor, when at the end the whole plot turned to shit and Barbara was crying her eyes out after learning she was about it be knocked off.

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  • djstump

    I love thrillers from the 70s thanks for the input

  • GoWriteMale

    What a great series I have seen all the 18 episodes in series 1 &2 now. (or should I say 17 plus the extra bonus one made by someone else)

    There were a few episodes that could be seen as fiction, but most as could be well written far fetched could very well be true stories. Unlike “the Avengers” you never knew at the end who was going to live or die before the episode finished, like you knew John Steed and Emma Peel would always be there at the end of it, which I think made the stores more interesting .

    There was one example were some viewers of the series might not understand that when two older (rotary dial) telephones are wired in parallel and you dialed out on one the other one would tingle (if it was not modified).

    Looks like I have to place a DVD order with some UK company before I can see series three and the rest.