Bonnie Soper interview

Bonnie Soper (Morgan) talks to the Herald on Sunday about her role as surrogate mother. 

On her love life: “Dear God, that’s three guys in the space of two weeks!  Morgan loves sex in the first place and she hasn’t been getting any in a while, plus there’s the hormones, too!” 

This week Cindy (played by Sarah McLeod) tells colleagues about the surrogacy situation – who disapprove of Morgan’s actions.

Story editor Paul Hagan: “When we first discussed the storyline, people’s anecdotes about real cases were more surprising than what we’ve made up.  The legal advice we got was that the law would always support the pregnant woman who’s viewed as the biological mother.” 

“We found out it’s actually quite common for surrogates to end up keeping the babies.  My sister keeps saying ‘I’m sick of Morgan, she does so many silly things’ Yes, she’s impulsive, but I can relate to caring about someone to their detriment, possibly doing too much for them,” says Soper.

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