Britain's Got Talent v America's got talent

When will we get “Britain’s Got Talent” in New Zealand?

We have had the american version for a couple of seasons now,

but New Zealand has been much more affected by Britain’s Got Talent

– news stories have featured Paul Potts, and the new surprise Susan Boyle, the only way of

seeing it at present is to watch YouTube!

So come on TV stations! you are missing a great program which is far more relavent to

New Zealand viewers than the American version of the show.

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  • regan

    According to Prime, they’d love to screen Britain’s Got Talent here.  They have asked if it could be made available, but unfortunately it’s never been cleared for international sale.

  • Rikki

    I’d love to see Britain’s Got Talent.  Yes, indeed, some great performers have come out of it – and Simon as a judge ads to the entertainment too!!!

    But then unfortunately we don’t often get British versions of shows.  Usuallly the American ones of most Reality shows.

  • Karen B

    Hi Rikki

    The reason NZ generally gets the American version of format shows such as ‘Got Talent’ is that these tend to be the only versions which are cleared for international sales. 

    NZ is one of the few territories in the world to really embrace British programming – generally, programme distributors believe they will never get enough money back in international sales to justify the clearance costs on British shows.

    Hope that helps clear it up a bit!

    cheers Karen