Colin Mathura-Jeffree interview

Sunday News talks to judge Colin Mathura-Jeffree.  He has modelled for the past 17 years.  

“[NTM] came at a time in my career when I was in for change.  Here I was reaching the end of this pathway – it’s like a total resurgence of the Colin Mathura-Jeffree brand and what I can do.  Beyond my own big fat ego, it’s an opportunity to share with the girls and give them a sense of what modelling’s all about.  My whole career has been based on crazy twists and turns and opportunities.  This has been my life.  It’s been really the only job I’ve known.  I really get it – it’s an industry built on creativity that keeps you in a childlike state of awe.”

“The Colin you see on camera is certainly Colin… this is who I am – like it or lump it.  I’m flamboyant, enthusiastic, strong, opinionated.”

“I’m not going to give an opinion to destroy someone – I’m going to give an opinion they can grow from.  I’m not here to ruin someone’s life.  I don’t believe in tall poppy syndrome – it’s just a few empty vessels making the most noise.”  

“New Zealanders make fantastic models. We need one, it’s been a while, there’s been Rachel Hunter, Kylie Bax, Angela Dunne.”

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