Drew Neemia to replace Jermaine Leef

This May, C4 will welcome Drew Neemia as the new host of Vodafone Select Live.  Drew replaces Jermaine Leef who is planning to travel (first stop Japan!) Jermaine has been with C4 since replacing Joel Defries in August 2007.

Drew will be familiar to many viewers, having featured in more than 20 commercials during his 2x years.  He’s performed at Christmas in the Park 5 years running, and hosted children’s television show Sticky TV for the past 4 years.  Drews presenting career began with McDonalds Young Entertainers – on which he was a  ‘super trouper’ in the late 90’s.  In 1998 he was cast as Drogo in The Legend of William Tell. 

Drew is an all singing, all dancing, back flipping talent!  On what he’s looking forward to most on Vodafone Select Live – Drew says “It’s in the name! Live! That word makes the adrenaline pump!  And with music being my number one passion in life…..in a nutshell, it’s my dream job!”

When it comes to music, Drew’s taste is broad.  He loves everything from Usher to System of a Down and Jeff Buckley in between!  Drew will make his screen debut on Monday May 11th.

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  • bobscoffee

    lucky i don’t watch select live. that guy has a seriously big head

  • jaydend

    Sticky TV (including Former) presenters are taking over New Zealand TV.

  • bobscoffee

    oh really? so what happened to all the past presenters then?

  • Bazooka Joe

    Good and bad news because:
    A/ Good – Jermaine was becoming a real pain in the @$$ an even less funny version of Dai Henwood.
    B/ Bad – Is it just me, or has C4 become a real sausage-fest this year? And not even a good, fresh bratwurst either, I’m talking manky, dust and hair-specled month old sausage from that dodgy butcher down the road where all the cats went missing.
    Where are all the chicks? Equality (and better looking presenters) people!!
    I’m not entirely sure if this would qualify as a step “forward” in Drew’s career, but good on him for branching out, he seems very nice.

  • jaydend

    @bobscoffee lol I was just joking. 😉

  • E.C.

    Drew’s awesome. He’ll be the first nice guy presenter, YAY!
    I never did like jermaine. He was always bragging about something or someone. He also seemed like he tryed to follow in joels foot steps,but nver maanged and always tryed to hard.

    I agree, where are all the chicks?
    What happened to Shav? and That plus size girl from the UK?

  • Fozzy Bear

    Jaydend has a point – The Erin Simpson Show coming to TV2, Drew on C4, Julia (who was a real hottie) on In beTWEEN (or something similar) on TVNZ 6 or 7 and I think I saw the kinda fish-eyed girl who co-hosted the very first series of Sticky TV on Smallblacks Tv with ol cross-dressing, fart-joking Jason Fafoi. All we need now is childrens show hosts presenting the weather, gameshows and reality competitions……. oh, yeah……

    E.C. – Shame on you! Helena isn’t plus-sized, she’s gorgeous! I’d have her over Shav any day.

  • Sean

    Bobscoffee, you seem to suffer from ‘EXCESSIVE ENVY’ where this guys is concerned!! You need to get out and get a life you big dickhead! Your critique is crap!! Could be worse, we could all have to watch your ugly mug on the screen and listen to a load of resentful, misrepresented horse shit!

  • Carrie

    Can’t wait to see Drew on VSL he will be ace aye. I watch Sticky TV just to see him. ha ha I’m 22 but he’s cute. Met him at Xmas in the Park he is the coolest and so down to earth. Go Drew you got a big fan base dude.

  • bobscoffee

    why would i envy this guy sean? i sure don’t envy anyone who thinks the world of himself and is full of it, but then again he’ll be right at home on C4, along with the likes of others like him like the unfunny Dai Henwood

  • Danni

    Drew rocks and is perfect for this show!!! I agree with Sean – Bobscoffee needs to get over this jealousy thing. It’s so lame. My friends and I have met Drew a few times and he is the most grounded, nicest guy. Carrie’s right Drew – you have a massive following dude. WE LOVE YOU!!!

  • Sean

    I don’t know bobscoffee, why do you have this obsession with him?? See now I was brought up not to judge someone before you actually knew them. Do you know him personally, or is this just YOUR interpretation of him? I’ve seen a few of your comments and they are all predominantly NEGATIVE. That says a lot about a person.

    I myself see that television presenters need to be interesting and charasmatic, not dull or boring and he seems to fit that bill perfectly, he’s a pretty funny guy. I look forward to seeing his transition to C4. He has a very musical background and should be right at home, it’s what he does best. No doubt you will have a cynical opinion, it’s what you do best.

  • regan

    What seems to make a good TV personality is someone who polarises and audience.  Perhaps Drew and Paul Henry have something in common?

  • clare73

    This is a reason to start watching select live!!! drew is the funniest guy, and have you heard him sing?!! i would have him presenting all the shows on C4 🙂 and as for the big head?? he knows my friend and is the nicest guy and so humble! Drew neemia is the man!!

  • Martin

    Hey all, mind if I join in? I just checked out bobscoffee and if you click on his “Hates” they are basically all TV3 shows……listing TV3 itself as his “Hate”……Beginning to see a pattern here……are you a disgruntled TV3 employee Bob, or perhaps a “Wannabe TV3 Presenter”? Mmmmmmm this is all starting to make sense now! Ok Bobby, how about we make you feel important? Maybe a throng dedicated to yourself mate. We could title it: “Bobscoffee – Ranker or Wanker”? Has a certain RING to it, don’t you think? 😉

  • bobscoffee

    sure john join in, although i can’t seem to follow your logic martin. why would i want a job at tv3 if i supposedly hate all the shows they produce? no i’m not employed by tv3, and if you checked me out and my comments a bit more you’d have seen me point that out already, and no i’m not a fan of 3news, that doesn’t mean i hate everything that appears on either mediaworks channel though. if drew is a nice guy in real life then sure ok, but on tv it doesn’t come across like that.

  • Martin

    You’re NOT reading it correctly bobscoffee. Hence you’re not seeing the logic!! For the record, how exactly does one come across as a nice guy on television, or in your perception….NOT so????? What has this young man done to warrant from yourself, such venom?

  • Jamie_K

    I vote wanker! sorry bob get over yourself- uv clearly got some problem with tv3 but drew is awesome!

  • spoonman

    Yo yo yo wot is wit da hating slobscoffee? lol Y u b down on him? Sup wit dat man. He is sharp and he is smack so back off aightttt.

  • Ronnie

    Hey bobscoffee. How long have you been a freak? Don’t be bad mouthing Drew. He’s the best! And you’re a nobody and will always be a nobody!

  • Adam

    What’s up with you bobscoffee? Why don’t you leave Drew alone? He’s never done anything to you. You don’t even know him. I on the other hand met him and he was very nice to my friends and I. So why don’t you give it a rest and get a life and be happy for Drew because unlike you he is successful and very talented. Now let’s see what bobscoffee has to offer? Thought so, a big 0. Good one bobsy.

  • Yolanda

    It’s so obvious that you bobscoffee have no self esteem so you have to build your pathetic ego up by running Drew down. Good one.

  • Patricia

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Drew on C4. Yahoooo

  • Elvie

    Have to say that I am so looking forward to seeing Drew in C4. What a nice change from Sticky T.V. Go Drew, go!

  • Straightjacket-Gleeson

    Drews the best. Good on you for trying something new.

  • Norm

    I’m sorry to see Jermaine go but am looking forward to seeing Drew, come May. Reckon he will be brilliant as a host.

  • Sassygirl

    Wow I’m am so excited that Drew is replacing Jermaine. Can’t wait! What are you on about bobscoffee? I’ve personally met Drew and I couldn’t have met a nicer guy. There is no question that Drew has a strong fan-following all over N.Z. Hymmm it sounds like the only fan bobscoffee has,is bobscoffee. No-one likes a jerk like yourself. Look in the mirror sometime, your ugly reflection will portray the true you. A jealous and spiteful person with no cause.

  • M.F

    Hey bobscoffee. Why you say bad thing bout Drew. What he done to you? Punk like you need your mouth rearrange and your finger too cause you type nasty thing bout Drew. Not fair punk bobscoffee. You gutless boy who hide behind stupid word. Drew have warm heart. You coffee boy cold and heartliss. You stupid silly boy. Your mum must of drop you on your head when you born cause you grow up and speak stupid word bout someone you not know nothing bout. You stupid boy. You talk like you think you know something but you know nothing bout my cuz. He nice boy and good boy. To much crap in brain confuse your stupid head.

  • regan

    People who live in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones

  • Sassygirl

    Oh pleeease regan your cliche is cheezy.

  • meagan

    Couldn’t agree with you more sassygirl about regans comment. Maybe if bobscoffee hadn’t of made negative remarks towards Drew in the first place, fans and family would not feel the need to defend Drew, who by the way has not thrown any stones at bobscoffee. I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Drew and he wouldn’t even think of saying anything nasty about you bobscoffee. And do you know why? Because he really is a nice guy and you would probably like him if you met him. Don’t judge a book from it’s cover. There could be a good story inside. There is a good person in Drew and from a lot of the comments I’ve read it doesn’t look like too many are giving you a break. How does it feel? So have a heart and give Drew a break.

  • Martin

    Well, well, just checking in, a lot of action since I was here last. One thing is certain, you have a following Drew and a lot of supporters. You must be doing something right, Good for you.

  • Colin

    Drew ROCKS!! Smart move by VSL to get Drew on board. From what I’ve seen of him he’s a ton of talent

  • Matt_D

    Its really weird that Drew is replacing Jermaine, seeing they are very anti each other. Bit of a slap in the face for them to hire Drew to be his replacement. Id be pissed off if Drew took my job. Is he really going travelling? because they used that reason about Joel leaving too. C4 never really has had good choice in presenters so im going to go with this new one being a flop too. Bring some sexy chicks into the mix I say! YOU HEAR ME C4??? ‘LADIESSSSSS!’

  • Sharlene

    Who said that they were anti each other Matt_D? I heard that they were mates. I would so hate to be in the public eye, so many greeneyed monsters out there, like yourself, talking shit! And Yeah, Jermaine is going overseas and you couldn’t wish for a better replacement than Drew! You want some LADIESSSSSSS…….go hang out at a strip joint! LOSERRRRRRRRRRR!!!! lol

  • Spoonman

    Hey Matt_D sup man? We b pissed 2 dude if Drew took ya job coz dat mean he b workin at Maccas. Booyah

  • Matt_D

    Pretty sad dudes. making fun of me just to take the attention off the actual topic. seems to all be like that. anyone that says something negative about him on here instantly gets shot down. poor drew must be insecure so he gots his little mates or aliases defending him. if you can’t take the heat then get the F@%^ out the kitchen G! he not made for the lime light. and i knows they arent mates Sharleneeee! right from the dogs mouth. best get back to taking ma drive through orders

  • Norrie

    I’ve actually heard that too Matt! Apparently these 2 guys don’t get on very well at all! Will be interesting to see the conclusion of this story!

  • whambam

    OMG I can’t believe all the hype. I am sure Jermaine and Drew would both be amused, any advertising is good advertising aye. I know both of these guys and they are aquaintances and neither of them actually bother with blogs, they’re above that. So Matt_D you’re barking up the wrong tree. Ex girlfriends are responsible for a lot of the negative character bashing and that’s right from da pussy’s mouth, dog. You all need to get lives! In the words of MrCynical, I’m through with you! Oh and Matt, can I have fries with that?? ha ha

  • Puleeeze

    Wronggggg whambam, as far as Jermaine goes anyways cos my mate flatted with him and he said he is the blogger king. Always on line hitting his own name ha ha. And hes mean if he dont like ya.

  • Kyra

    Awesome! I just saw Jermaine and Drew doing a random song that they did way back when they were going to perform together and it was rad. You guys should so be singing together aye! That was da bomb! 🙂 I love Jermaines humour and you guys are both HOTTTTT Ssssssss! Gonna miss you Jermaine good luck with your new venture and welcome Drew.

  • DanielNZ


  • jaydend

  • Jimbo

    I watched Drew’s first show yesterday and have to say WELL DONE DUDE! You did a brilliant job for your first live one. Keep up the good work!

  • Brett James

    Awesome work man. You are slotting in perfectly. Kudos!

  • harshita

    iiiiii love you drew!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ur supa hawt!! and got mean loadz of talent and i used ta wtch u on sticky tv and get laughd at haha but i cudnt stop wtchng u ur sooo awsum!!

    keep up da good work!

    ur a sta 😀